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Do you find confidence in the opposite sex attractive or annoying?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2669points) September 10th, 2010
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Sexy. There is a difference between being confident and being an overbearing arrogant jerk. (:

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I am attracted to confidence. When it becomes arrogance, it is a whole other story.

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In general, I find people who have confidence attractive and those who are overconfident (not just on occasion with areas they have some familiarity with – but in everything) to be incredibly annoying.

Blind confidence is adorable sometimes. I’ve met a few people who are just plucky and think they can move mountains if they try hard enough. I don’t know how to explain how this is different from the “overconfident” type without throwing the word “arrogant” into the mix.

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I find self confidence attractive, but cocky/arrogance is a major turn off….There is a fine line between the two.

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Like everyone else has said, confidence is a plus. Overconfidence is not.

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I’ve always found competent, intelligent, and confident women attractive.

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I’m attracted to all women. Confident or not!

Many years ago, was working in the summer on a construction job, and also, working on my Master’s degree that summer. At lunch, was sitting with an older gentleman (i was his laborer), and talking about girls. The construction site was very close to the women’s dorms at my University. Never will forget him saying, “when I was your age, only a few of them looked good, but as i got older, most of them looked good, and now, they all look good!” Touche my friend, now i certainly understand.

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Nothing is more attractive than a confident woman!

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Can be both . Confident man can be very sexy.I can be annoying when it crosses a line into arrogance.

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No, more people need it, including me.

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Absolutely. In fact, if the person doesn’t have confidence, it’s a turn-off.

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Confidence is sexy, as long as it stops there and doesn’t go into arrogance or a big ego. Who wants a bumbling person who is always self-deprecating? I’ve been told I exude a lot of confidence and seem like a formidable woman, and people respond positively to that.

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It’s attractive.Oh,yes ;)

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Confidence, but not overconfidence. I find it very hard to deal with people who have very little self confidence.

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I like “confidence” to some degree but it is not a major factor with me. Confidence can be easily faked (and usually is). I prefer down-to earth personalities, someone that’s easy to talk to and be with. I need women who have the abilty to show compassion and emotions, something I usually do not find with the so called “confident” girls.

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Confidence, yes especially when it’s the quieter serious kind. Depending on the rest of the person, a bit of arrogance can be forgiven but no often.

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Attractive. But modesty is also appealing. Whenever I meet a guy who’s shy or humble, it warms my heart, and I want to get to know him better.

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