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In "Pages" for mac, if the computer dies and document is unsaved, is it lost or can it be retrieved?

Asked by kaylee016 (15points) September 14th, 2010
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i was typing this essay for english, and hadn’t saved it at all. my mac died while i was at work. and i opened pages up and nothing came up about recovery… is it lost for good ??

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I kind of think you are lost. But send johnpowell a pm and ask him, he knows about this sort of stuff.

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This has traditionally been one of the flaws of Pages; it does not have document recovery. Office for Mac does, however.

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No it can’t be retrieved. Pages, and like you, I found this out the hard way, does not have document recovery like the Office For Mac Suite.

This is why I have both iWork and Office For Mac on my computer. People just look at me like I’m nuts when I say this, but then I just say that “Wait until it happens to you and then you’ll see”.

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shoot! ha okay thanks guys! better get to re-typing my paper.

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And remember, save save save!!!! good luck on the rewrite.

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Haha you poor soul. Remember be press command + S every few minutes ;)

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