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In your opinion, what would you think if you saw a pregnant girl at a party with alcohol but she wasn't drinking?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2669points) October 3rd, 2010
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Some people still invite me to their parties knowing I’m pregnant. I never go, but what would you think if you were attending the same party and saw a pregnant girl there?

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Absolutely no problem with it.

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I wouldn’t think anything of it. I use to go to parties all the time when I was pregnant (usually as the DD).

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I wouldn’t bother, I think you should be allowed to have a good time pregnant or not, as you have said you aren’t drinking so you aren’t harming your baby (as long as there is no smoke around) you shoul dbe fine. I went out to the pub in town whilst I was pregnant, and obviously showing. I didn’t really care what people thought. I knew I wasn’t drinking, just out to have achat and good time with friends!

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I would care at all :)

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I wouldn’t care. Being invited to a party has nothing to do with the decision to drink or not drink, pregnancy aside.

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She is pregnant not broken…pregnant woman more than ever need to get out and have fun as the next person….maybe even more so!

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I’d think, “oh look a pregnant girl at a party & she’s not drinking, so what!” Pregnancy ain’t an illness now is it?

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I get so excited about pregnancy I’d probably corner her to ask her all about it, I’d be delighted she wasn’t holing up somewhere, and if she had a glass of wine in her hand it would be absolutely NONE OF MY BUSINESS, because I wouldn’t know if she was holding it for someone else, or having one to relax or whatever. Go to your parties, enjoy yourself before the baby comes, things will change dramatically as soon as it’s born.

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I wouldn’t mind at all. She’s not drinking. I see girls all the time at parties, and they’re not drinking.

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What’s the problem? I don’t understand. I understand why a woman who is pregnant shouldn’t drink but I don’t understand why a woman who is pregnant shouldn’t go to a party.

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Not an issue. What you are supposed to stop living because you are pregnant?

After the 7th or 8th month you can have a drink or two anyway with no harmful effects.

Silly girl, anyone that takes issue with you attending a party has issues of their own. lol

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