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Auto insurance pay out?

Asked by jgalfer (91points) October 3rd, 2010
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Anyone know what the timeline is to be paid out by an auto insurance company when you are not at fault and your car was destroyed?

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I’m not sure but was wondering the same thing, so I will be following this question. I am in the same predicament except my car wasn’t totally destroyed but the vehicle in fault ripped the back half of my car off and it’s been a month already.

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back half of my car was ripped off as well. a month would really suck.

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Assuming the claim is in order and the adjuster has had a chance to review the claim and the damaged vehicle, I think this should be set by the insurance regulations in your state. If you have concerns and the company is non-responsive, then contact your state Insurance Commissioner (or whatever it’s called where you live).

A month is too long. That’s not right at all. I’m thinking “a week or two” (ten business days) might be an outside limit.

But they have to have a claim to start the process, and the adjuster has to have access to the vehicle, or the process breaks down.

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claim is in. waiting to hear what is going on. thanks for the help!

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My Grandmother got her check settlement just a couple of weeks after her claim was placed.

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When my car got totaled by someone hitting it while it was parked, it took about 3 months from start to finish to get the money for my car. Once the claim was placed, they had to have someone look at the car and determine that it was totaled and then they had to come up with what they felt was the value of the car. They then made an offer and I could accept it or not. I accepted it, had to sign paperwork and then was issued a check. If I would have refused their offer, it would have taken longer.

I had a rental car while I was waiting to get the settlement (paid for by the other person’s insurance).

Did you go through your insurance as well or just the other person’s insurance? If you want to know what is going on, call the insurance company and ask them what the status of your claim is.

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when I totaled a car back in the mid 70s, I got a check after a week, about two days after the claims adjuster saw the wreck. My ex totaled a car and had a check within about three weeks. Both of these were in California.

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It actually depends. If it’s a straightforward claim, it can be as quick as a couple of weeks. However sometimes they will get an insurance assesor to investigate a claim, if they think there’s anything suspect about the claimed value, or the circumstances of the damage. Cases like this can take two months or even more.

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My experience has been a 10 days to 2 weeks after the claims adjuster inspection and all necessary paperwork has been filed.

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i agree with Downtide….getting the payout depends completely on claim and also on your insurance company. It’s actually a matter of few days.

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