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If they're not into flowers, what can you send someone in a hospital for 3 weeks?

Asked by gene116 (335points) October 4th, 2010
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My aunt is 82 and had a mild stroke. She is doing well and they sent her to a rehab center for therapy for three weeks. Whenever she’s gotten flowers in the past, she has always said “they’re pretty, but what a waste.” She has always been funny and loving and frankly my favorite aunt. So what can I send her (I live in another state)?

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How about a good book?

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Magazines. It’s light reading, image heavy and not too tiring. Unless she’s an avid reader and you know what she likes, then get her a book.

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How about a digital picture frame filled with the obvious. Cost about the same as a descent bouquet of flowers. Include a picture of some flowers!!

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If she’s 82 I’m guessing her eyesight might not be so great. Maybe audio books instead? Can she have food or candy? If she likes Chocolate you could buy some online and ship it. Fruit baskets are also something you could ship online. Check out Older people also like house shoes and house coats. They can get cold easier. Something soft and cozy like maybe socks it’s inexpensive and very thoughtful :)

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Older people love to get mail, so send a card a day. That thrilled my grandma when she would get cards from me. I would get the 50 cent ones from Walmart and the Dollar Store, but found some really pretty ones.

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@chyna that’s a great idea! cards are always a good idea :)

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@chyna Excellent idea.

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If she has a CD player or something like that, get her some tunes. My mom was in several weeks of rehab after surgery and one of my sisters set her up with a little boom box.

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If you decide to go with a book, Standing in the Rainbow by Fanny Flagg is a recommendation. It is a comedy and mystery about a small town in Missouri in the ‘40s. It’s available in book or on CD. My 85 year old mother loved it.

If she reads the paper, you might be able to arrange a temporary subscription; quite possibly through the hospital.

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If she thinks flowers are a waste, perhaps she would like the wooden keepsake flowers that they sell? I’ve done a lot of work with the older community and these are always popular gifts (I’m not sure how widely available they are, so this might not be an option unless you have seen them in your area.) A robe, housecoat or slippers (with non-slip bottoms) are a nice idea.

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depending on the type of stroke reading can be quite difficult for a stroke victim so I’d make sure she’s capable of that first

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In my experience saying they are a waste doesn’t mean she doesn’t like them. My Grandma is also in her 80’s loves it when I buy her flowers.. but tells me that they are a waste because they tend to be expensive for something that doesn’t last as long. Perhaps a plant that would be bloom longer…

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Did the stroke affect her hand coordination and dexterity? Does she like to knit, crochet, or do needle point? I think working on a project and creating something is always therapeutic.

Or, how about a nice basket of fruit? The honey crisp apples have been delicious this year! Even if she does not eat it all herself she can give it away to her favorite caregivers. There must be some sort of mailorder fruit service.

I like the idea of a plant also, as someone else suggested.

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Maybe a jigsaw puzzel?

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@JLeslie has a great idea.. what about an edible arrangement ?

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I agree whole heartedly with Pied Pfeffer that “Standing in the Rainbow” is about the best book I’ve ever read. It’s very uplifting, without being sappy. If she can read, find out who her favorite authors, genres are. They also make portable book holding stands that she could put on her tray table in case she has a hard time holding a book.

If she is not able to read, because of eyesight or medications, get her a portable CD player and some audio books. Or if there is a DVD player attached to her TV get her some DVD movies or episodes of her favorite TV shows.

Also, put together a photo album for her with all of her favorite relatives, friends and pets (make sure you label them so she knows exactly who’s who) this can be fun for the staff too when your aunt can show them “her book.”

If she is able to see well enough, ask her if she likes crossword puzzles, sudoku or other puzzle types of games that are in magazine form.

And magazines. See if she likes the gossip mags like People, recipe mags like Rachel Ray or Paula Deen, or ladies mags like Redbook and Better Homes and Gardens.

Hope she gets to go home soon. Thanks for being such a thoughtful neice : )

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