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Is the population mostly male or female?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2669points) October 4th, 2010
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I ask because out of 15 girls I know that are pregnant or just had a baby 12 of them were/are girls out of the 15.

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My understanding is that slightly more males are born than females. 12 out of 15 births being female is pretty unusual, I think, but that’s a very small sample.

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No one can answer that with certainty because every minute or so, a new baby is born somewhere in the world. I would say I see more females than I do men, but that’s just what I see from a small city that’s attached to a big state, that’s attached to a big country, that’s attached to the huge world.

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According to this 2000 Census information, it’s 50.9% female and 49.1% male here in the US. It’ll be interesting to see what the 2010 data shows once it’s all processed and put together.

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Wow! Here’s an interesting and reasonably scary bit of news on the subject from 2007. @Mom2BDec2010 where the heck do you live?

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12 out of 15 thats pretty unusual. But America is growing and growing as we speak. And theres almost no possible way we could keep track of the men to girl ratios.

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I think there should be more female than males as research shows that the Y chromosome is getting weaker with every generation and will eventually pretty much disappear within the next 600–800 years.

also little interesting side note, there are currently roughly 1.6 women for every 1 guy.

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@lillycoyote That is scary!!!!

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@KhiaKarma Hi my friend. Yes. I was just googling to make sure that my basic understanding of things was accurate. That slightly more male babies are born than female babies, but that women tend to live longer than men so when you look at averages, in terms of the general population, you may end up with more women than men… and I came across that article. Scary. Yes!

Amazon Women of the Earth! It may not just be a movie coming to theatre near you soon, but a future reality! Uh Oh! We’ve really done it now, haven’t we? Screwed everything up.

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I think females outnumber males in most European nations along with Russia. It seems females are outnumbering males in most industrialised nations while many developing nations still have a higher ratio of males compared to females, especially the arab nations.

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@lillycoyote I live in Alabama.

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The sex ratio changes across the lifespan. In humans, about 105 males are born for every 100 females (wikipedia). However, males tend to die at a younger age and faster rate than females—for instance, during early adulthood in many countries, for every 1 woman who dies, 3 men will. As a cohort ages, the sex ratio approaches 1:1 until about age 70, when women overtake men (Kruger & Nesse, 2004).

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@nikipedia Yes males are more likely to die earlier because they usually have to live a more dangerous lifestyle, namely the military and civilian high risk jobs. I have came close to losing my life quite a few times and I do not see too many females doing what I do for a living. Females are less likely to get cancer too from what I’ve read, along with several other diseases.

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Female. Almost everywhere, except in countries like Saudi Arabia, India and China. See

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