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Which historical figure would you like to see do stand-up comedy?

Asked by AmWiser (14947points) October 6th, 2010
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Who would you love to see deliver the laughs on the stage?

A historical figure who is not considered a comedian.
They can be living or dead!

Like perhaps, Henry VIII. He’d be one of those “My wife nags me so much” kind of comedians.

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Attila the Hun.

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Abraham Lincoln….that dude looked like a freak.

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Pablo Picasso

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@Austinlad ; Atilla the Fun?

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Cleopatra. She enters the stage to Walk Like an Egyptian. She confesses how her ancestor Alexander was not so great, how son Caesarion was named after his method of delivery, Marc Antony was an asp, reincarnation isn’t all that it is cracked up to be, and how figs gave her gas.

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President Jimmy Carter.

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President Truman

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@Aster Mr. Carter spoke at the college I attended. Good call.

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thank you, PP !

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@Joker94 Another good call. His script is already written, but oh how I’d love to hear his new material.

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Ben Franklin. He seems to have had a pretty good sense of humour as it was.

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@JilltheTooth,LOVE Atilla the Fun. (And let’s not forget his sister, Atillarina, the Nun!)

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Richard Nixon

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J. Edgar Hoover, playing mostly at drag clubs.

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Napolian.Boneapart ( how do you spell it?) Something about his hand in his jacket all the time could be funny.

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@Frenchfry He could be a great prop comic! Think of what’s in that jacket…

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@Joker94 LOL and he’s accent .

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@Frenchfry I would gladly pay money to see Napoleon do stand up for those two reasons alone…

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