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What are ways to relieve back pain?

Asked by Mom2BDec2010 (2669points) October 7th, 2010
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… I’m pregnant and my back is killing me!

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A really high quality bed. I experience the most trouble with my back when I sleep on the couch or a really shitty mattress. Also, too much sleep, even on a quality bed can give you back pain.

edit: it very well could be that your back pain is exacerbated by your pregnancy…hopefully you’ll get some feedback from women that have been pregnant.

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Have you tried a Chiropractor? They have special adjustments for pregnant women to relieve the changing of the tendons and bones in their bodies. This will help you immensely, I strongly suggest you look into it! Especially one who’s a certified Maximized Living Chiropractor. <3 I hope you feel better soon!

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Stretching is the best thing you can do. Long, slow steady stretching for about 30 minutes each day.

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The bigger you get, the more strain there is going to be on your back. The stretching is a good idea, if done very carefully. Talk to your OB before you do ANYTHING. At this point in your pregnancy everything is out of whack, all your organs are squished, your lung capacity is diminished, and your bladder is almost non-existent. as you may have noticed. Really, don’t change anything without the OK of the OB. Fun, fun, fun, I know, but at the end you get to take home a baby… :-)

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Hey being pregnant and all I can relate perfectly. I just hit 32 weeks. I do a couple things to relieve the pain. One, there are some stretches in the book “What To Expect When You’re Expecting” that are approved for you to do and let me tell you I was skeptic, but I felt great after I did them! Pelvic Tilts are the best. Two, I got this thing called a bed buddie, it looks like a white tub sock with two blue handles on each end (Google it). You throw it in the microwave and then place it on the sore spots. Be careful not to keep it in one place long if it’s too hot it could be harmful to the baby.Three, I have my hubby rub my back (best thing so far for a quick fix) Four, take a warm (not hot) bath, 30 minutes usually fixes me up just fine :) Hope that helps!

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@NinjaBiscuit Really? I didn’t know that, otherwise I would have found one a long time ago. Jeez have I been missing out >.>

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I never believed in the big deal about quality mattresses until I started sleeping on one. Omg, they’re a small fortune but worth it. Short of that, for many years I’ve had an acupuncture tune up a few times a year. Do you have someone to rub your feet? Happy feet mean happier back.

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I got rid of mine with yoga. Here is a previously asked question
with some good info.

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Yoga might help you.

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@KhiaKarma and @lucillelucillelucille has it right…yoga done regularly will help you get rid of back pain.

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Mattress, mattress, and mattress! Also occasionally, do some sit ups. Usually the reason for back pain is weak stomach muscles.

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@BoBo1946 : She’s 7 months pregnant. Sit-ups are probably out. :-)

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YIKES….you would be correct! Maybe, half sit ups. And, I’m sure about that…I’ve never been pregnant!

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Walk, walk, walk, at least one mile a day, more is better – Oh, and a good mattress.

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I’m not sure this would work for someone who is pregnant. I use ice bags for short term relief. I put them on the part of my back that is spasming. The cold prevents the prostaglandins from getting into those muscles, which allows them to relax. People say use ice in the first day after you get sore, and then heat after that. I never stop using ice. It works for me.

You probably have all kinds of extra prostaglandins in you, getting ready for you to give birth. You’re going to want to have some serious contractions if you want to get that baby out of you. So that may complicate things.

You also need a more long term solution—and, as people have already said, that involves stretching and some weight lifting (to strengthen the muscles that keep getting sore). Other forms of exercise are fine, too. I don’t believe in bed rest, unless you might give birth too soon. But in the old days, peasants would work in the fields up to the time they gave birth. They’d give birth in the field and then go back to work. I’m not recommending that, but my point is that exercise is almost always fine. Check with your doctor to be sure.

There are yoga tapes for pregnant women. Those tapes probably have poses that would really help you.

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Go to Kolh’s and sit in the decompression chairs and they help to take the weight off your back. I promise you are going to want to get one. Then after the baby is born Yoga and Cindy Crawford vidoes worked for me.

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