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Do you feel disappointed if not many people answer your question?

Asked by Your_Majesty (8215points) October 9th, 2010
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Honestly,you’ve put lots of effort in your question and hope that you’ll get lots of contribution.

PS: you also know that certain member who can accurately answer your question and active at the same time didn’t answer your question.

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It just tells me that in a few days I should ask again but in different words.

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No I don’t feel disappointed. Perhaps my next question will give me more valuable answers.
That’s life and I accept it as such.

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Not particularly. For Social questions it’s never a guarantee you’re going to be the next Frizzer, and for General I’d rather have one or two good answers than a shit-ton of useless ones.

If someone’s on and active and I think they can answer it, I’ll PM them with a link. Ask and ye shall receive, and all that.

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(It seems only considerate to answer this.) It depends on the specificity of the question. If it is a thought-provoking question (i hope) then I am disappointed if it doesn’t generate a response; if it is a knowledge question, then I might not be surprised.

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I don’t usually feel disappointed. Just because I feel a topic is interesting doesn’t mean that other people will too. None of my questions have been orphaned, so I have yet to experience that.

What I have found is that there are usually one or two people who will answer some of my more obscure questions and I appreciate that.

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It has happened once or twice.

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I don’t think I’ve seen you around – but your profile says 158 questions… normally I don’t like questions about questions as the lurve party isn’t my thing – but meta rocks, and you’ve already asked enough “real” questions… so…

Honestly,you’ve put lots of effort in your question and hope that you’ll get lots of contribution. Maybe the person put a lot of effort into a really crappy question?

PS: you also know that certain member who can accurately answer your question and active at the same time didn’t answer your question. I’d PM them.

If it’s a question in social, and people aren’t up for a chat – or like in my case – just aren’t around because of the time dif. – hey – I just join in on someone else’s question. It’s Social.

In General, if you really need a serious answer and no-one answers – it’s a little annoying but happily rare. Plus there’s the “share” button so just send it to someone you think will have the answer. I must say I’ve had very few orphans – and I’ve asked (I estimate) about 600–700 questions.

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You never know which question will get tons of answers. So, no….it doesn’t bother me in the least. After all, what is done here has very little consequences in my real World.

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@zen_ Yes,I haven’t been here for awhile but this question isn’t about me nor I made this question to protest about this kind of situation. I’ve had many good contribution toward my questions (well,at least,most of them) but I want to know how the majority of people think about this situation. I’ve seen that many general question got less answer day by day and I feel that people here are more picky nowadays (Or it’s deliberately done to decrease the number of ‘useless’ questions).

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Not in the least. I’m just amazed that any of them get answers to tell the truth.

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The ones that get a “ton” of answers are usually threads that have become conversations or debates – usually little to do with the actual OP’s question.

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@zen_ Yes,I agree. But it’s the OP who decide whether or not a question will get tons of answer,provided that the question can spark a good debate and he/she is involved in the his/her own question.

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I’m finding it hard to talk to someone who calls himself “your majesty” – it’s almost as bad as someone who calls himself Doctor when he isn’t – even if it’s after Doctor Dolittle. And what did you mean by that… The OP decides if he gets a ton of answers? Really?

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@zen_ And now you’ve finally decided to attack me? for what? Different perspective? If you can’t accept differences or the diversity of perspective then it’s your problem. Please don’t put that on me. And anyway,as I said,this is the internet. What makes you think you can decide on how one should put his/her name? I didn’t violate any rules here with this name. All names here are the matter of each user’s preferences. No offense but I also know that you hate aristocratic title/names but that’s your problem so please don’t use that to harass others with such title. And yes,more or less it’s the OP who decide the number of answer in his/her own question. I don’t want to explain any further (perhaps you don’t understand) but I can tell you that “Bad sperm/ovary will produce bad offspring and vise versa” I believe it’s the source that matter,among other things,of course.

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@zen, you’ve named yourself after an entire school of religion – don’t you think that might be considered a little more pompous than calling yourself “your majesty”? Plus @Your_Majesty‘s right – this is the internet. Since when have people had to watch what they call themselves online?

To answer the OP’s original question, no. Usually when your question gets no responses it’s either because the knowledge your seeking is extremely specific or you’ve worded or tagged it inaccurately. People answer what they know.

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Well no need to worry about this question getting responses. Not too many of them are relevant, but they are interesting!

I yes would feel badly if I asked a question and no one answered.

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Nope. As long as I get a good answer to my question, I don’t care how many people answer it.

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I cry for weeks at a time. LOL JK

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I order to be disappointed, you’d have to keep track of who answers your questions. I don’t do that. It has never occurred to me to do that. I enjoy the answers I get. I hand out GAs to those I like. I move on. I’ve got too many other questions to answer.

I like to offer my questions as—I hope—food for thought. They are all things that interest me, but they are also meant to support the community. Whether they do that or not, I don’t know, but that’s how I think of them. So if no one answers, then I guess I didn’t do a good job. Maybe I will next time.

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I don’t ask very many questions, but I do like it better when more people answer. If I wanted a specific user to answer, I would (and have) send a PM.

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I am happy as long as I get one good answer and if someone can make me laugh as well then I am a Happy Boy! Quality over quantity every time!

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I don’t get disapointed ..maybe frustrated if it’s a serious question. I really don’t care how many people answer. As long as one person answers really well :)

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It depends on the topic. I would rather a few intelligent responses than a bunch of idiots trying to be funny just to make “conversation”. I will usually put these questions in the general section. I’ve had some regrets not putting certain questions in general instead of social. It doesn’t bother me if I don’t get an accurate response but if I feel the person at least tried to answer however.

Some great questions do turn into duds on here. Alot of teenagers and younger adults on here who would prefer less serious topics or turn the serious ones into a joke. Except on rare occasions it is general question city for me now on.

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Yes. Sometimes, they get derailed into antoher conversation. I don’t mind it as much.

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not if I get my answer

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@your royal highness and @staff member who doesn’t use the @ symbol correctly: I am not apologizing per se, but to clarify I will say that you are both correct in that on the internet, and in real life, one can choose his name and one is entitled to do so. Yes, zen, though not a form of religion, could be considered pompous, if one doesn’t know me. But I didn’t call myself I_AM_ZEN, or bow before me, as Your Majesty, in third person, suggests. Notwithstanding, I can’t even remember how I chose the name; it was probably because it was something I wish I had more of, and was short and monosyllabic – but it was ages ago.

Doctor Doolitle annoys me because of his (her? now I’m unsure because of the queen in the avatar) questions: not the English, the content. I have simply avoided them as some avoid mine, and everyone unfollows someone. You can’t be liked by everyone – and I don’t need the lurve nor like the new system anyway.

But I shouldn’t have just said it here in a thread – that was unwise and impolite. Truthful, but lacking any tact or etiquette. I shall simply go back to not looking for your questions and go about my merry way. Sorry for that.

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@zen_ Same reason I chose “Seek_Kolinahr.” I didn’t choose it because I’m emotionless, I chose it because I emotionally overreact to everything, and I needed something to remind myself to slow down a little bit and think logically.

I don’t think it’s worked yet…

I do agree that titles in screen names can get confusing. My old screen name was “Lady Alathia”. Apparently “Lady” is a common title used among certain pagan religions. I can’t tell you how many people simply assumed I was Wiccan because of the title in my screen name.

The only reason it really worries me is that if someone has the title “Dr.” in their screen name, and incorrectly answers a medically-related question, the asker might not think twice about following such direction. I don’t think anyone has a mandate to protect people from their own ignorance or stupidity, I’m just throwing it out there.

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@zen_ : ”@staff member who doesn’t use the @ symbol correctly” Haha yeah! It’s because your username has that underscore after it and I typed it fast so I didn’t use the autocomplete list. My bad. By the way, I appreciate your honest response and for apologizing about remarking negatively regarding the OP’s username – quite noble of you.

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@zen_ ”@staff member who doesn’t use the @ symbol correctly”—LOL. Instant Lurve.

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Actually I recently asked a question about chickpea burger recipes and only one person responded. My feelings aren’t hurt but I am disappointed, I really wanted some new and exciting chickpea burger recipes!

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