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trumi's avatar trumi said

When you see an answer that you find offensive, or ignorant, or aimed towards you, your natural reaction is to speedily type a response. We all do it, and feel very accomplished when we lash back. You just did this three minutes ago, in response to my doing it two minutes earlier. We all do it.

What you will come to realize is that most Fluther users have a sense of humor and are relatively bright. Their response may not be intentionally offensive.

The point is, slow down. If you think about it for a moment, you may come to realize that what you were going to say does not answer the question, and will probably offend somebody that meant no harm.

As far as the new users, I didn’t mean much by it. Some new users think it is their duty to ask as many questions as they can. This is understandably annoying, since they haven’t really looked around or noticed the search bar (which will probably lead them to their exact question). Recently this has been a problem.

The other annoyance is that many of the Askvillers arriving already have established relationships and feel comfortable with each other. This can be annoying for Flutherites because it seems to divide the community, and because there are a lot of inside jokes and discussions that exclude the rest of us.

Basically, relax. I mean no disrespect. We want you to join our community, and most of us are “new”.

August 11th, 2008

oceansmist's avatar oceansmist said

Hello and thanks for the welcome! Good to see you here! Hope you have a good day!

August 7th, 2008

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