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This is Willow, my dorg. (In fact, as far as I know, she’s the only dorg in the world.) She’s a Genuine American Brown Dorg, in case you were wondering. We generally understand each other, although she doesn’t talk much.

The painting usually in my avatar, for those who don’t know but want to—and even for those who don’t care at all—is Breezing Up (A Fair Wind), painted in 1876 by one of America’s foremost artists, Winslow Homer. You can read more about the painting and him on Wikipedia ( ) and a few thousand other places. (The whole painting isn’t shown here.)

Cyanotic, by the way, means “blue”. This was my AB username, which I picked because at the time I tried to create a username “Blue Hornet” was already taken, apparently—or I would have been Blue Hornet.

I’ve stopped using this profile since I became WasCy, and since then I’ve also moved into a newer identity as CWOTUS.

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ashek1's avatar ashek1 said

Indian history is more than 3000 years old ..with same rituals and beliefs still continuing (not exaggeration) written records still do exist. England was just another one of the invader who ruled for say around 100 years, before that their were mughals etc.. India was still a bigger and united India before England rule, so can’t see how England united India. But truth as you say is these points hardly matter now.
Why caste system isn’t of any importance bcoz in working class there isnt any difference now, literate people know all are equal its only villages where ignorance still exists but isn’t of much consideration since to work, village people have to come out to cities where theres no discrimination based on caste instead there are some castes which have reservations in government job offerings because those castes are still considered backward.
Indians are definitely poorer but much more happier than US people may be because of culture or all together a different way of life.

January 10th, 2011

tedd's avatar tedd said

I’d really appreciate it if you just didn’t comment on anymore of my posts. Even when you give good advice, you have a way of phrasing it in a demeaning, confrontational, and downright rude tone. If you need to read my posts to convince yourself you’re more mature and a better person or something, by all means I’m glad I can help… But frankly I don’t want to waste my time reading your crap anymore. Thanks a bunch.

January 10th, 2011

ashek1's avatar ashek1 said

Regarding your answer:
Thanks, gr8 reply, but i don’t understand what you mean by saying that US is a self made country are other countries made by God or someone superior? also caste system in india is now kind of history with everyone getting equal rights, and the Freedom of speech exists in india as well.
another thing why indians may not be expecting the silver plate gift is they may have multiple offers they also get comparatively less salary than their US counterparts which doesnt motivates them.

January 10th, 2011

mattbrowne's avatar mattbrowne said

Many people wonder why there are so many conflicts and wars. It usually starts small and ends big. Violent language is one of the small triggers. Sometimes it involves humiliation and loss of dignity. Deleting a response to an inappropriate answer containing the word bullshit is scandalous. It is absolutely outrageous. It doesn’t meet the high standards of the Fluther community which I greatly value. Here’s a short version of what the argument is all about in my opinion.

Question: How do I solve my religious problem?

Answer: Soul, communion, salvation, god or gods. It’s all bullshit. Give up your irrational beliefs and you won’t get hurt.

For some questions or problems not all people have good answers right away. Of course people in free societies have the right to both challenge and bash other people’s beliefs. Other people have the right to challenge such bashing and disagree with advice given by others, especially when it’s a radical one, capable of hurting the person who asked the question, and potentially others who share this person’s beliefs. There’s a difference between helping people and hurting people. Fluther’s general section should be about helping people.

Let me use a different example to make my point clear.

Question: How do we solve the Israeli-Palestinian conflict?

Answer: Holy land, Israel, land of the Jews. It’s all bullshit. This is Arab land and the Jews and their American collaborators should give up their beliefs and the idea of the state of Israel so they won’t get hurt. We should encourage Hamas to get more powerful weapons and remove the zionist entity once and for all. This will end the conflict.

Again, for some questions or problems not all people have good answers right away. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is a good example. For decades people have been looking for answers. Many think some answers won’t work. Like the supply of more weapons. They speak out if this gets suggested.

Instead of learning about the disagreement with a previous answer, the person aking the question and the Fluther community is forced to read this:

Response moderated (Off-Topic)
Any posts that do not directly answer the OP’s question ‘How can doing Communion unworthily cause damnation to your soul?’ will be removed as off-topic. Questions or arguments for the reinstatement of a quip should be directed to the moderation team via the contact button, not posted within the thread, further derailing it.

I’m siding with people who become the victims of strong and violent language, who become the target of bashing, who are being humiliated because of their beliefs, and who are being told their beliefs are bullship. I should have the right to challenge an answer in the general section. I have a very clear expectation that the moderators remain neutral and allow disagreement with previous answers. When someone is told to swallow a particular pill, someone else might say, don’t swallow this pill.

So if this narrow-minded view of being “off topic” prevails, then I guess the views of the community organizers and my view as a community user are no longer compatible.

January 3rd, 2011

auntydeb's avatar auntydeb said

That got by me! Trying to fit in checking back on the Q between making Xmas cards – saw your message, had no idea what you meant. Now I can’t remember the response that’s been moderated! I know about the General Question guidelines, which is why I mentioned it in the question… rather fearing many extensive financial/economic essays. Hey ho, the answers are all pretty much as expected, I was hoping I was wrong about imaginary money… ;0)

December 20th, 2010

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