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Sept 2015: been off the Fluther for a bit, I can’t figure out how long but it looks like a year or more. I was going with 6 months. Hmm. I’m afraid to ask questions and get my fluther’s wet again…

Love this: “If it works, forget the research.” @gailcalled from this question: http://www.fluther.com/162330/how-do-i-put-in-eye-drops-with-out-flinching-squinting/

2012/2013: Haven’t physically moved. Haven’t been emotionally moved. Expect to be arrested any day now. Can’t seem to drum the inertia into energy. Probably because I can’t play the drums, makes too much noise for everyone around.

My family has increased by one, and is in danger of decreasing by three. From direct illnesses; as our world has shown, random acts of violence will happen to anyone.

2011/2012: Lost in the Big Woods. 21st century Hunter-Gatherer. Perception is a great source of difficulty. I like people. I loath people. I am an Introvert. I’ve taken the Meyers-Briggs test. I’ve failed. I loath tests.

Actually, if I remember correctly, the first time my Meyers-Briggs came out to an INTJ, but I can’t remember the N. The second time was several years later and I noticed that the TJ sections were fluctuating, but I don’t remember which letter had changed. I have come to loath tests, nowadays they are real life and those I’ve always failed. Book learning and book tests – piece of cake.

Just some random thoughts that exemplify me. I’m also a curvaceous, green-eyed brunette with a college degree, 26 nieces and nephews, 2 great nieces and 2 great nephews, numerous in-lows. in-laws, lol, could not get the fingers to pick a over o.

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