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“I am fire-if you want something salty and sweet, with no opinion, I am not the woman for you. I spit flames, often.” Janne Robinson

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Patty_Melt's avatar Patty_Melt said

I’m here and right back out. Plz when I do this don’t mention you heard from me.
I want you to share this everywhere you can think of, but not where someone might be mean.

March 5th, 2021

Patty_Melt's avatar Patty_Melt said

OMG, I just looked into the gift bag from my VA contact. Tears. It had a pretty cool assembly of smallish items. First thing noticed was a santa cup. Cute. There’s something I didn’t know exists, a packet of apple cider mix. Weird, because a couple of days ago, the very first time in my life I was thinking I wish I had some hot cider for Christmas day.
There a baggie of hard candies and mini canes, a weekly planner, emory boards, a box of chocolates, and a mini zen garden, which is a box with sand, rocks, and tiny rake.
I’m fighting them back.
Nothing major, but everything thoughtful and fun or sweet. Two kinds of sweet there.

My daughter visited me a couple of months ago, no text, just showed up at the door. We had conversation for a couple of hours, and I was feeling kind of good about her. Then she told me something she finally got up the nerve for her. Her boyfriend almost twice her age (his thirties) has been supplying her and roommates with drugs. She tried LSD and liked it, and he has her convinced it is no more dangerous than aspirin. Her whole freaking LIFE I have coached her on the allure and dangers of drugs. She wasn’t confessing. She was trying to convince me it is okay stuff. I made myself clear, and she left, not in a huge. She had said she was ready to go but had one more thing to say.
My body basically vibrated for a few days after, with fury, frustration, disappointment, a desire to kill a thirty something veteran, or turn them both in, I was near spontaneous internal combustion. I sent her a text to never come here again. That was the last communication between us. She is nineteen. I have her the tools to be a good, intelligent adult. If she effs it up, she’ll be facing it alone.
So, no daughter in my life anymore.
She doesn’t know I almost died on the floor, or that I spent a week in the hospital.
She knows it is the time of year for my annual inspection. She made no offer to help.
She is one of the rare eighteen year olds to get a stimulus check. She is working two jobs, and shares rent, or maybe let’s him pay it all. She is a manager, and has been for several months. Did she offer to pay back any of the money she stole from me? Pffft.
I’m done with her. I don’t have to be abused by her anymore.

Now, back to cheerful stuff. Your Christmas plans sound cozy. I’m glad you are able to make happy plans to share. It sounds like a yummy, yummy day. :-)

December 25th, 2020

Dutchess_III's avatar Dutchess_III said

She started calling the house and asking for Robin. We got into a fight over that. I said, “I don’t want the kids to answer the phone when their father’s GIRLFRIEND calls!” He almost hit me, but she didn’t call the home line any more…except the day he was moving out. I answered the phone and it was her. I gave the phone to Robin and went in the bathroom to put on my make up. Robin talked to her briefly, then rushed into the bathroom to tell me that he’d told her not to call the house any more.
I just looked at him and said, “I’m so glad this is almost over.”

October 13th, 2020

Patty_Melt's avatar Patty_Melt said

I haven’t heard from her in a week or more, but she scoffed at me for believing a media hoax. She said there were only about 1500 cases in the whole world, and that there was a lot more flu blah blah millennial-blah. At the time Italy alone had more cases.
I continue to text advice and encouragement to her, in case she becomes receptive.
Her last communication she confirmed she was still working. I strongly urged her to save every penny she can.

The press conference came on while I was writing this. There is a lot of optimism this time.
Fingers crossed.

March 19th, 2020

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