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Socially distant hugs with the Vulcan “Live Long and Prosper” hand sign. __________________________________________________________

I joined to ask a couple of questions but stuck around because… well,... because it is addictive and sure beats TV. ;-)
Also some folks here are so interesting!

I was a worried guy when I asked my first question. But after I got it done successfully, I am worried no more. Whew! I was lucky and dodged that bullet in the nick of time..
It is probably too late to change my name but if I could, I’d change it to either Lucky Guy or Tech Guy because I am.

I own a small engineering consulting company with a few very large, demanding clients. We can build or do anything as long as we don’t violate the Laws of Physics. This might just be best job in the world.

Update: After 4 years I’m a WorriedGuy no more. I’m LuckyGuy now. I’ll keep the pensive pose avatar up a bit longer so people can tell it’s still me. The next one will have a much more appropriate smiling face.

“People do what they do until they can’t. And then they don’t.”
—Herb Stein

I intend to do as long as I can.

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AthosToo's avatar AthosToo said

Regarding your answer:
Thank you. Where would those bearings be?

October 11th, 2021

chyna's avatar chyna said

Yes, twice. He has always answered me. I’m afraid he has just left the tab to flutter open and it appears that he is checking in.

May 30th, 2020

johnpowell's avatar johnpowell said

I tossed up a library that is just h.265 1080p stuff if you want to test if it is working. It is just a library called “265”.

You will need to change some settings in the plex app for it to work.

On the sidebar on you left click your username and you should get a option to go to settings.

Then you want to make it look like this.

And this will help with everything. Not just the HEVC/265 stuff.

And if you want to check if it is working while you play something hit down on the directional button and on the right hit the thing that looks like three eq sliders. Then in playback it should say direct or copy. Either of those means it was all worth it.

Generally, I get 720P tv shows due to bandwidth and storage. But the stuff in the 265 library is 1080p and uses half the space and bandwidth as the 720 counterpart.

A 1080p HEVC file will generally looks worse than a 1080p H.264 file. But a 1080p HEVC file should look better than a 720 h.264 file. With significantly less network wreckage.

But currently the server is using 45TB of storage. So anything to help get that down is welcome. And two months ago It was at around 100TB. I deleted a lot of stuff. And I still feel like there is to much. It makes finding things hard when there is a list of 1500 shows.

For me it isn’t hard since I added everything there and know what is where. But if you are just looking for a new thing to watch I imagine it isn’t great scrolling through 1500 random posters.

I should do Redbox style tv and movie libraries. Like a hundred of the most popular at the current moment for each type. Scannable in in a few minutes for when you get off of work and want to turn your brain off and start watching in 30 seconds.

March 6th, 2020

johnpowell's avatar johnpowell said

I have seen two movies in the theater since I quit. Finding Nemo, because a woman I fancied wanted to go. And Her, because my sister wanted to go. Her was the first and only digital movie I saw and I wanted to vomit.

Projection is a art. Digital relegated projectionists to fucking trash. The role was nearly eliminated.

Now it is all automated. I will explain the problem here.

Take level 4 autonomous vehicles as a example. It is automated but hardware failures need to dealt with by humans. And there isn’t much money being tossed into monitors of digital projectors to make sure things are correct. At least self-driving cars have that. Projectors don’t.

So when I saw the digital movie I kinda lost my shit. Luckily it was one of those theaters that served beer and french fries. So it was internal shit-loss. Didn’t want to get the 86.

The masking was off for the entire movie. There is two formats for movies, flat and scope. Flat is 1.85:1 and scope is 2.35:1. For scope the lens actually crafted so it expands the image outwards. This makes the distance from the lens to the screen very important. If it is off you get awkward proportions.

But there is masking. We used garage door openers to move the masking in and out. to switch between flat and scope. The height was the same but width would be a few feet different on each side. We used foil tape on the film as “cues” to set the masking, along with the lights, audio formats, dowser.

So they botched the masking where the film was projecting the sides on the masking. I have a IPA. I will survive.

The bulb was entirely out of focus. The picture was soft. It had slipped forward in the yoke. This produced what I called the Cybill Shepherd effect. Where everything looks soft and dreamy. COMPLETELY FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE.

I was faced with this once and cathode had started to slip. There was a hard plastic on the bulb got snugged in a metal thing. The metal thing had smoothed out or something so the bulb slipped. So the tech came and used sandpaper on the part of the bulb to try and keep it in place. COMPLETELY FUCKING UNACCEPTABLE. By the time I got to work the bulb saw slipping again and was dangerous. So I just shut the theater down and fought with management for two hours about it. This was a matter of cheap and easy to replace parts that would take a day to get here. Or the bulb drops and blows and destroys everything and makes a 25K mess that takes days to fix. With significant risk to anyone near the projector. They didn’t pay me or anyone enough to risk any chance of harm.

But yeah. There was a little door in the back of the lamphouse we could open “if we had the key that I hid” where you could move the bulb around and in and out to focus it”. I hated doing this since the bulb had to on and never showed anyone how to do it. I would have showed Joe but my promotion to technician was abrupt. I only had a few days to clear up loose ends.

But back to the digital movie I saw with my sister. Everything was wrong with the projection.

It is like like they made a list of things you could screw up and then had sex with it.

Well, that was a long way to say that people in booths now just push buttons and don’t really know about the details. Have you ever spent two hours at 4am filing a aperture plate because the heat has warped the plate and you don’t want the picture bleeding onto the masking? This tedious asshole has because I could steal soda and nestle crunch bon bons from concessions and get paid 7 bucks a hour to do it while I saved up for Europe.

Sorry about the rambling. I have been up all night making a apple tv app that gets movies in a folder on my computer to play on the apple tv.

It is actually pretty neat. The way TVOS works is there are xml files that do all the displaying and linking to content. So it is more like making a webpage where you just make links. I went from about zero knowledge to a working thing in around 12 hours. Not exactly sure why I am doing this since I have no real need for it. But always good to learn a new thing!

March 2nd, 2020

MrGrimm888's avatar MrGrimm888 said

So. I’ve decided that with some possible bad storm news, I will reveal that my name, is Chris. Most call me “Big Chris.”

I live in Magnolia. It’s close to the Charleston peninsula. I am a fool for staying here I guess. But I lived here for years. And this area has done better with flooding. We will have to go through, at least, some bad flooding. I am confident that I will get through it. But. It may be a rough experience.

Chris. And I live close to Sycamore. I will update Fluther, as soon as I regain power. I am close to 2 huge rivers though. I will have to figure out how to withstand a storm surge, and probably a problem when we are at high tide, over two cycles in the time the storm sits on us…

I know. Drama queen shit…


I always respected you. You are right. I am a very capable person. But. We’ll have to see what mother nature has in store for me.

My dog and I, will be right here , when the stom arrives…

I’m nervous. That’s hard to do….

September 13th, 2018

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