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I am married gal living on a farm with my retired geophysicist hubby and a dozen horses, two dogs, three cats, two rabbits, two peacocks, and 30 chickens.
Our two grown and married kids are close by and I love it. I have great fun and often riot with my grandchildren.
If you ask my husband: I am always up to something. I do not know how he knows as he plays bridge alot.

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cornelas3's avatar cornelas3 said

Regarding your answer:
I just got off cobra of $700. a month with feds help paying 65% of $1800./month for husband and myself, now we don’t have any and both unemployed with no health ins. at age 59 and 60 and ins. companies won’t ins. us until 2014 cuz health reasons and might have to many assets that we have work for, for the last 40 years without anyones help, I don’t think this is how any of us wanted to spend our last years like….

July 11th, 2010

Auntie_Em's avatar Auntie_Em said

Regarding your answer:
Thanks, Mary for the straight goods. This is a terric response and I hope people read it and are compelled to respond in kind. Wow.

June 22nd, 2010

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