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29 years old, male, single, childless. Full time software engineer for a large banking corporation. Part time college faculty member. Thoroughly obsessed with all things Disney. Fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Isaac Asimov, and Orson Scott Card.

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Kraigmo's avatar Kraigmo said

Regarding your answer:

Thanks for the good research and spot-on answer.

February 22nd, 2012

robmandu's avatar robmandu said

Regarding your answer:

Excellent info and link… didn’t know what the terms were for things like “Hidden City ticketing” and “Throw Away ticketing”.

October 17th, 2011

silky1's avatar silky1 said

Regarding your answer:
Thanks for clearing that up for me and my friend. We were having a heated debate over it.

September 17th, 2010

DeborahWilliamsRN's avatar DeborahWilliamsRN said

Thanks for your answer Mrltty. No contract was signed for any wages. In a simular situation though I did sign an agreement at a local hospital system for full time and an agreed upon hourly wage. I have also waited to be “processed in” (ie FBI background check, as well as states and local police checks, references, physica,l drug screen, ect.). However, I was told by Human Resources that “the hospital board” had to approve the particular position per meeting and in writing. I needed to wait until the 7th of this month although HR could hire someone. On the 7th I was told my start date would be this past Mon. the 13th. I was called by my HR person and told the position was filled by the “Administrator internally” and I therefore now cannot have the full time job but thy could now only offer me 16 hrs. per week. The HR lady stated that the Administrator has the “rite” to hire whom he chooses and was “unaware” that HR was processing me and had offered me the job 6 weeks ago, I now am to start work on the 27th of this month. Oh ya by the way, the HR person stated she was “mortified” about the whole mix up but there was nothing she could do about it. She said she was sorry. I personally just don’t understand how people can get away with this kind of thing which has cost me $$$$ dearly, and my time,and energy, and caused me idleness while I could have been looking elsewhere. Obvious to all, I’m a magnet for employment screw over. Also, as a nurse for 20 years, I have never signed a contract, only an agreement of job offer and wages except in one out of state travel assignment.. Sometimes we nurses don’t even get that much, but rather only a verbal agreement. Thanks for reading my long winded psych. consult. Also, great picture of you on your profile. Hope your day is good, Deborah

September 16th, 2010

upsetgranny's avatar upsetgranny said

I so appreciate all answers , however I did tell her that I was sorry for telling her to leave and that she was always welcomed here , SHe has left her husband 4 other times , and comes here and always went back , I have never treated him differently after those times , but it’s getting to be a bit much when he tells her she is not allowed back in their home , that he is not gonna give her child support , cause he cant afford the house and pay support at the same time .I know and have seen lots of emotional and verbal abuse , but when she leaves and comes here and I suggest that get some free legal advise , she gets so angry and says I am trying to run her life,, I dont see why I should tell him I am sorry , when I have done nothing to either one of them and certainly NOT the Baby ,,,, I dont see myself as a meddling mother in law,, bu thow many times can you see youre Daughter cry , complain , stress out , before you open your mouth… I am so upset…I see her self confidence and self esteem soing down the sewer, do I need to shut my mouth…. They have gone to counseling 2 different times , they start off strong and then stop going, she thinks he is going to change, I think if it has been like this for 5 years , he might be wonderful for a week or 2 but then he goes right back to his nasty behavior and she goes right back to being miserable..I have always been there for both of my children , SHe is 30 and I have a son 27, I know if she wants to be a Door Mat , there is nothing I can do about it…... But Don’t I have rights as a grandparent…. My Husband and I went through some major life changes to move near them to be some help when the baby arrived, and now I can’t see the Baby .. I can’t deal with this…?????

July 23rd, 2010

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