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When I am not assisting fellow intellectuals unearthing great ancient treasures, I can be found rummaging in rubbish bins for left over take aways. I blame the BBC for my career in Archeology, but then the BBC never was very good “telly” and I am livng poof of that

I am a humble man with a large penis which i use at every opportunity I can get. I am obssessed with a Porn star and follow her career diligently

No you will not find me with smoking jacket and pipe near a crackling fire, I am normally balancing pizza on my keyboard, while typing with my toes.

I have “I luv mum” as a tattoo on my left ass and I am saving up to tattoo said pornstars name on my right just so I can sit on her face.

I am a bit strange as I love walking in parks with a mac on.

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