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Hi. I’m Paige. I’ve been on this earth for about sixteen years now. My life is no fairytale, but it has it’s moments.

I like to live through music. A song can turn my day around. Both positively and negatively. It can make me cry, it can make me laugh, it can make me want to punch that one person who’s face is a dartboard in my head. It can bring up memories, it can bury the past. Maybe this is because music is my life. Whether I’m listening to it, writing it, or singing it, it’s always there for me. Even when it seems I won’t make it. I guess I have to give thanks for that.

I’ve been blessed with people that add to my life. I try to clean out the ones that only make it worse, but it isn’t always so black and white. My family has been there for me, through everything. The mistakes, the bad news, the ups and downs, and of course, the drama- boys and friends.

I am a complete believer in the fact that everything happens for a reason. There are so many blessings in disguise, it’s just the way you look at it. I have my moments where it all seems horrible, but then again who doesn’t?

Love. That four letter word can make or break anyone. I think the amazing thing about it is that you never know when you’ll find it. I have yet to find that one great, true love. But, that’s okay because I hope when I do it turns out to be a happily ever after. I’m a hopeless romantic, I love those kisses in the rain, and the surprise visits and the whole idea of a forbidden love. I read stories with that Prince Charming, and I hope I find him. But so far all I’ve known are the bad guys. But they aren’t so obviously evil like the books. No one told me that those were the ones that would have the beautiful eyes and the gorgeous hair, and the ability to make you so nervous. No. No one warned me. Right now, I have a boyfriend. And he’s seriously sweet and amazing. He’s my first real love. The first one, the perfect one. Who knows what will happen? That’s the amazing reality of it. Who knows? No one.

I don’t trust many people at all. I put myself out there, but I always have a guard up, people are just too blind to see that, but that’s okay. My friends do. I’ve realized that.. I want to be loved. I really do. But, at the same time, I have this terrible fear of it. And I don’t give someone the chance to. I’m always too far away, mentally or physically.

Finally, I’ve learned I know nothing, and every time I think I do, I get knocked on my butt and get painfully reminded that I don’t. It’s okay though, it’s a good deflation of ego. I love the people that support me. That includes you, person who took the time to read this. I really thank y’all. I would be nothing without you guys. My friends, my loves, my warriors. I <3 you ALL.

Thank you.. really. I never get to say that enough, and I just want you to know I’ve thanked God for each and every one of all y’alls part in my life.



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