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something i wanted to respond with, but could not as the question was already deleted when I finished:

Why the Nazis were right wing, not left wing:

murdering physically and mentally disabled people: weeding out the weak to strenghten and purify the ‘true’ aryan race.
complete control over education (education has traditionally been under the control of the state since the unquestionably conservative minded Prussians) and healthcare (championed in the late 19th century by a decidedly conservative Bismarck) in service of nationalism to indoctrinate children with conservative ideologies in pursuit of a powerful aryan people and eradication of “inferior” non-aryans.
->obsession with physical and mental superiority of their own group over others, and subjugation and extermination of those perceived inferior: right wing

“environmentalism” and associated policies not to protect nature and life itself, but to strenghten and purify the nation, the aryan Fatherland
->policies in the service of rabid nationalism: right wing.

traditionalist view of family roles and especially women: men work, women belong in the kitchen and raising children. women were forcefully purged from the workforce.
->conservative views about the role of women: right wing.

corporatism/tight cooperation with private industry giants, instead of nationalisation of industry, with the ultimate goal to strengthen the nation in preparation for war, establishment of a state controlled “trade union” for all workers in order to excert complete controle over the workforce in service of industry, not to defend workers’ rights, full employment also only in pursuit of strengthening the aryan race and the german nation, not as a “gift” to the workers:
->industry focus on war preparation and national strength instead of focus on the well being and the rights of workers :right wing.

sending ideological opponents like bolsheviks, social democrats, and communists to concentration camps
->persecution and murder of political opponents: right wing.

hatred of Jews based on traditional christian teachings that the Jews are responsible for Jesus’ death
->antisemitism: right wing.

pursuit of wars of conquest to create a world ruled by “superior” aryans, with “lesser” races reduced to, at best, slaves.
->ideology of the right of the “strong” to rule over the “weak”: right wing.

murder of gays in the concentration camps
->murderous homophobia: right wing.

Hitler and the Nazis were decidedly right wing.

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