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I am 29 years old, female, living in Berkeley, CA. I teach 2nd grade at a public charter school in Oakland.

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andrew's avatar andrew said

What level are you on now in the TTT?

June 11th, 2007

hannahsugs's avatar hannahsugs said

Yes, you pulled me in! I think I'm gonna get addicted to fluthering, although people don't post frequently enough to make it a very time-consuming addiction. On the Tim Tang Test, Matt and I are on level 35 now, and chugging away!

March 31st, 2007

gailcalled's avatar gailcalled said

Sarah; I have been brooding about the child you described. His condition sounds pathological, and helping him may be out of your ken; it sound as tho you have been loving and supportive and sensible w. no luck. I worked w. kids that age for a few years and then with older was easier in an Independent Day School since we had a child psychologist on staff part-time. But we could always spot the kids who needed therapy or intervention w. the family.

February 21st, 2007

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