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Patty_Melt's avatar Patty_Melt said

Some “artifact” questions have been closed, but not many. You can answer any questions which physically allow you to post. What’s more, it will then show up on the feed of any members who have not unfollowed that question, so it is possible new conversation might be added.
Also, there is an award, if you care about those, which you get if you answer an old question and somebody gives it a GA.
There are some folly questions still being posted semi regularly.
One is the hijack question. Red Deer Guy is someone who could send you a link to it. It is extremely long, and takes quite awhile to load. The very purpose OK f it is to post any random thought you want. The responses are in the thousands. I haven’t been there myself lately, but if it pops up again I will say something there.

There are certain old old questions which I f you click them, or a combination of some certain ones, you achieve some little known awards. There are members here who don’t know how to get them.
If that interests you, write a question for meta, about what are favorite old questions and answers. Links will get posted to some pretty crazy stuff.
Hint- frizzer, pancakes, and under the swimming pool are crazy fun, and several others, but some more famous than the rest.
People still mention pancakes here.
Let me see if one of us can revive The Jelly Below Me thread. It is another with ongoing various comments. It is a fun little way of getting to know random things about each other. Several members who posted on it have died or left Fluther. With some new members now joining, maybe we can make it busy again.

So, before this becomes a book, I shall wish you well, and let you know I am glad you are here.

July 27th, 2020

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