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Do you read comic books?

Asked by rangerr (15765points) October 11th, 2010
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This has been asked before, but it was quite a while ago, and there are a lot of new members.

I just got back from New York Comic-con and I’m going through withdrawal.. so..

Do you read comics?
What is your favorite series?
Who is your favorite artist?
Why do you like comic books?
Is there anyone else out there as obsessed as I am?
Who is your favorite publisher?
Are there any new/upcoming series that you’re excited for?

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I do not.

I do read web-comics (Cyanide & Happiness and XKCD), though.

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I used to be comic-mad when I was a kid. Mostly X-Men.

The last comics I read were the “Johnny the Homicidal Maniac” series by Jhonen Vasquez, when I was in high school.

You can’t not love that series. ^_^

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Sometimes, yeah. Right now, reading The Walking Dead, Preacher and Hellboy.
Favorite series would be Sin City and Calvin and Hobbes

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I’m more of a fan of graphic novels rather than serialized comic books, but yes.

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Not that much, even as a kid. They are cool though especially Xmen and The Punisher. I never really got into reading the comics which is weird to why I love those charactors so much. I love the movies based on them except for the most recent superman movie which I thought was kinda dull and boring. I always preferred the older superman movies with Christopher Reeves. The Xmen cartoons were a favorite of mine when I was a kid.

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Yes I do. There’s an English “adult” comic called Viz very funny & childish but there you go. Oh & I “steal” the kids comics whenever I get the chance.

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I used to. Nowadays, I just have better things to do. More important things. But I will always love comic books.

Why do you like comic books?
I have no idea. It all started with my obsession with Batman. As a kid, I used to read all sorts of comics, anything I could get my hands on. Even though I couldn’t read, I just starred at the drawings until my eyes started to hurt. Comic books are the main reason why I go to a design school, where I met those similar to me.
Is there anyone else out there as obsessed as I am?
Of course.
Who is your favorite publisher?
DC Comics, without doubt. But Marvel is just as much awesome.
Are there any new/upcoming series that you’re excited for?
Not really. But, Batman Inc. looks promising. I’m not tracking what’s coming out any more.

But every now and then I get ideas to become a super hero. Alright, maybe not a superhero, but a hero. Sadly, I’m not the only living son of Krypton, who’s faster then a speeding bullet.

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Sadly, I’m not the only living son of Krypton, who’s faster then a speeding bullet.

That’s okay, he always had the lamest bad guys, anyway. Except for Mr. Mxyzptlk.

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I’ve recently discovered The Walking Dead. Excellent stuff.

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Ha, no, of course not.
But I read Manga instead.

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@Seek_Kolinahr: I know, right? I mean, not even Lex Luthor is something that took time to make up. As a kid, a part of me always hated Supermen/Spider-Man/any superhero who got his powers by, something that’s impossible. Meaning, I couldn’t get those powers.

Even though I have over 10 t-shirts with superhero logos on them. I even bought a Superman t-shirt yesterday. Looks amazing.

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I don’t really like comic books, I think it is because I don’t really get into super-heroes or anime, but I do enjoy the funny pages in the paper or in magazines and occasionally draw and write my own cartoons (for personal amusement and for the entertainment of my friends and relatives). My favorite comic is Luann and I also like Zits, Baby Blues, Mutts and Mother Goose and Grimm. And I love all of the Disney animated cartoons, especially the old school ones like Peter Pan, Snow White and the Jungle book. I love the artwork with both the movies and the cartoon drawings in the paper and it’s nice to look forward to a funny picture and a funny story each day.

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@Seek_Kolinahr Actually, I kind of like Darkseid and Doomsday.

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@Rarebear: Well… Darkseid is cool. But you can’t compare it to the selection of Batman villains.

Spider-man has awesome villains as well.

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@Written You want lame? How about Green Lantern. Powers disappear with the color yellow—what up with that?

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@Rarebear: You can’t compare Superman with Green Lantern. GL is the ’‘second-tier’’ superhero, like Flash, Green Arrow, Speedy, etc. Superman’s powers disappear with a green rock. How is that cool? His only weakness, and despite the fact that kryptonite is, possibly the rarest rock in existence, every villain Superman ever came across has a piece.

Heck, even Batman carries some krypto in his utility belt.

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I do read comics on a pretty frequent basis. As of now, my favorite series are Johnny the Homicidal Maniac, Batman, Bone, and Ultimate Spiderman. My favorite artists are Jhonen Vasquez, Frank Miller, Jeff Smith, Mark Bagley, and Dave Gibbons. I read comic books because they (like most forms of literature) can be very thought-provoking, and offer a neat form of escapism :P My favorite publishers are DC, Marvel (because I’m boring!) Vertigo (if that counts), and Slave Labor Graphics. Believe me, you are not alone in your obsession. As of this writing, I have read Watchmen 3 and a half times, not counting the numerous times I’ve read over certain chapters XD

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Ultimate Spiderman is an amazing series. Lasted for what, 9 years? Spawned over 130 issues.

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@Written It is amazing! I started reading it when I was in my tweens, so there was a good deal of stuff to catch up on. I have yet to finish it, but being an oh-so angsty teen I’m appreciating the story now more than ever.

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Yeah, started reading at the same time. I went up to 50-something then I just stopped. I tried reading it again, but, I lost track, and with that, the wish to continue. So many things happen in just a small period of time.

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I was exactly the same way. The only benefit of reading behind it is that you can get the collected volumes, which I’ve been doing for a while now.

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Yeah but, by the time the volumes come out, you’ve fallen behind. I didn’t follow Batman for a year. Look what happened. I won’t spoil it, but seriously.

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I heard some pretty crazy stuff, yeah…I don’t read Batman on a regular basis, though. I always tend to read the graphic novels or one-shots or limited series junk. Stuff like the Dark Knight Returns or Arkham Asylum. Oooh! Oooh! And Joker! It was written by the same guy who wrote 100 Bullets! (Brian Azzarello?)

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@Written Well Batman has some kryptonite because Superman gave it to him. He told Bruce that if he ever gets out of hand to use it against him.

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@Seek_Kolinahr You read Cerebus? Wow, that brings back memories… had the complete collection when I was a teenager.

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^ I have them all in my closet. They’re my husband’s, but I’ve got ‘em!

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:) I love comics.

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No. I’ve only ever read one set of comics when i first discovered them, and they were called Sad Sack. They are my dad’s comics from his childhood. I think they’re funny.

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