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If you dream that someone did something nice for you should you thank them?

Asked by alive (2953points) October 28th, 2010
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I have been going through a rough moment in my life and been feeling like my friends have not been supportive.

I had a dream that a person who I haven’t spoken to in about a year sent me a care package to help me feel better.

I don’t consider this person my friend, so should I chalk the dream up to coincidence and leave it at that, or should I send an email over to her telling her about the dream and “thanking” her for being nice in my dream?

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No…’s just a dream, although if the dream actually made you feel better the next day you could tell them about the dream to make them laugh or something.

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Really? Thanking someone for doing something in your dream? Would you yell at someone if they tried tokill you in a dream too?

Do nothing – be appreciative of good times and dreams while you are asleep.

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I would but only because it would get me major cuteness cred.

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You should dream that you thank them.

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@janbb That was my answer :)

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If someone called me to thank me for something I did in their dream I would consider it strange unless I was very close to them and they were mostly kidding.

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I once had that, and I did mention it to them when I saw them next… which was a couple of months later…

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If you must, tell them you had a dream. Thanking them, though, for something nice they did for you in a dream, and not in real life, would seem like a rebuke. Not nice.

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If a friend did something bad to you in your dream, would you call them up and ask for them to appologize? No…

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Dreams are often a means of working out real life issues. Maybe the one you dreamed of behaved kindly or is non-judgmental when those closer to you are behaving in the opposite way?
I would be very flattered to be told I helped somebody in a dream and if it led to a real life friendship, so much the better.
Of course, I do demand apologies from those who misbehave in my dreams, so, it’s possible that my opinion is based in insanity :P

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