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Do you know of any vintage clothing stores?

Asked by littlekori (676points) November 30th, 2010
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does anyone know of any vintage clothing stores in the reno, nv area? or any types of clothing stores like vintage?
oh and besides junkees(:

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Found on the internet: Rad Betts Thrift, 141 Vesta St and Coral Rose, 805 South Virginia St

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Here also is an article about the three top vintage clothing stores in Reno. The three include the two that @YARNLADY mentions above and also Steve’s Army Surplus at 689 East Montana Lane. The article gives the address, phone and a short description description of each of the stores.

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Try Hottopic. It’s pretty cool.
There’s also: Little Black Cherry – Amazing.

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Hot Topic? Really? Not vintage at all. They have one in my local mall here in Oregon – pretty much clothes for wannabe Goths and Hipsters. In 2o years, any of their clothes that survive can be considered vintage.

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