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Why magic? Why superheroes? Why saviors?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (34073points) February 5th, 2011
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Humans seem fascinated with magic or the special powers of superheroes or even spiritual saviors.


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We want what we can’t have or be.

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Well, obviously there’s a secretive subset of our population with fantastic powers using them just enough to keep stories going without leaving enough proof.

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These things are always used to fill in the blanks. To explain the things that we have no explanation for, at the time.

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Life can be scary. Things happen unexpectedly. We run up against situations and experiences beyond our control to handle and they often leave us reeling in pain, fear and anxiety. It’s awesome and humbling to realize that we are microcosms in an infinite universe that we know very little about. So we like to imagine that there is an Ishtar, a Doctor, a Superman, a Jesus, someone like us who knows all, who sees all, who can do things we can’t, who can handle existence and consciousness, who can take the nubbin of what’s best about us and go supernova with it.

It’s like little children with good parents. They knew everything and kept us safe. We miss that. And if we didn’t have good parents, well, we knew we were shafted, and we miss what we should’ve had.

On the other hand, our ability to imagine such beings enables us to dare to push past our current limitations, so I’m inclined to be cool with it.

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The plain facts of our ordinary existence point inexorably to a grim finality. We want to believe that there’s some way to break the unpitying laws of nature, because they don’t bode well for us in the long term.

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Magic is for entertainment. Some people truly believe in magick. Magic and magick are two different things. Nobody believes in superheros but heros do exist. Spirtitual beings are part of a religion and everyone who has a religion believes in their religion be it Christianity. Hinduism, Islam, Judiasm, Buddhism, Wicca, etc. People have their own reasons for believing in whatever they believe in. There is no universal answer to this question.

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Didn’t JFK answer this, sort of obliquely, with his rhetoric?

I’ll paraphrase: “Some people see things that are, and ask ‘Why?’ and others envision things that never were, and say, ‘Dude, where is my flying car?’”

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Because we need to believe, man!

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Imagine life without Spider-man. I can’t. Oh, and God.

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@seazen And me? :-)

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And you.

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it gives the people that make special effects for films a good living. Super hero’s are cool. Trying to make cops look like they save the day seems like a stretch. They can only do so much.

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Because it’s easier to make something up, than it is to try to figure things out with science or logic or reality. Most people, it seems, can’t just live their lives. They seem to be unable to survive without “explaining” things, even though some things can’t be explained (and don’t need to be) to live a good, decent life.

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Humans love power, it is ultimately a vindictive thing. Most Superheros are punishment loving psychopaths, with anti-social angst.

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Superheroes exist because we need an excuse to wear our bloomers over our tights.
No other reason. ;)

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Because we don’t have enough faith in ourselves. We think it’s going to take someone or something bigger and stronger than we are to take care of us and protect us against all the scary and evil forces. In fact we underestimate ourselves routinely and waste our energy imagining superhuman beings instead of making full use of the powers that we have.

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I would say because real life is magical. It is so amazing to watch the world in all its stages or seasons. There are times when things make you feel so much love, belonging and care. There are many times that are not so good but it is all experience for us. Life is such a gift and an honor that we should take it and add our respect, then expand out understanding and knowledge. We are here for a purpose to learn, find the mysteries of life and then progress on to a Higher Being where you can then help those at their stage of progress and begome a Higher Being. This is how life has always been and will always be. As we grow older the young step up and take our places and are the ones who have the wisdom to share, learn and grow. It is an amazing journey we all accepted and wanted therefore you are here asking questions. :)

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