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Well, it's been good jellies, but I've decived to delete my Fluther account. Your thoughts?

Asked by erichw1504 (26448points) April 1st, 2011
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HAHA! April Fools! Did I get ya? I bet you were about to cry and/or smash your keyboard in hell-bent rage!


Oh… :(

Alrighty then, to the actual question: What April Fools Day pranks have you seen across the internet today?

Each and every April 1st has yielded more and more jokes or pranks on various websites. So, share with us what you have found. Did they get you? Or are you not the gullible type?

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You could do better than that. :)

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You should try Gmail Motion BETA.

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Been at work all day, I did put masking tape underneath my colleagues optical mouse this morning. Mwah ha ha. Actually she figured it out so fast it was quite disappointing :(

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@RareDenver Haha, someone did that to me a couple years ago and it took me about a minute to figure it out.

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@Jude Well, I was thinking about making the title of this question something along the lines of “Did you hear? Lady Gaga died” or “OMG, Google went bankrupt! Did you know?” but didn’t want to start mass hysteria.

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There’s a copier at work with a sign on it that says “Due to recent upgrades, this machine now accepts voice commands”.

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I’m kind of sad Fluther didn’t do anything this year. It’s been much fun in the past. the guys are busy though, so I understand. (or maybe they are still sleeping? the day is young)

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My daughter’s facebook status says she is deleting her facebook account. I called April fools on her too. You didn’t fool me!!

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“Surprise! Pack up all of your stuff in boxes, we’re going to play musical offices.”

Sadly, that ISN’T an April Fools.

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Mother Nature wins the contest here. Thought it was spring? APRIL FOOLS! It’s snowing.

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Here’s a new game: Angry Nerds!

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Dang, I thought is was real…sighhhhhh

Reading you are staying gives me something to really cry about now.


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Ahahaha, you got me!
I wonder if fluther has anything up her sleeve…

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I cried alittle bit….maybe even wept :)

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Well, I noticed at least 11 spelling mistakes in your detail’s section which explains a lot.

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dammit, I already ordered the cake

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Thankz @mattbrowne, your always one to nit-pik and complain about the smalest iota of a mistak,

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If you go to YouTube, there is a button on each video to turn it into a 1911 version. Pretty neat.

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I had vowed not to get pranked today but @erichw1504 you got me. I was so upset I was going to close mine too. So just for that, I’m signing off for the day (like who cares:D). Now take that @erichw1504!

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@AmWiser OK, bye!

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@erichw1504 I am afraid you telegraphed the punch line by writing “decived” rather than decided in the actual question!

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Does you car have four flat tires? The Fluther Bandit strikes again!

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@marinelife Son of a…! You just pointed that out to me!!! I’m usually great with spelling and grammar… :(

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@erichw1504 Freudian slip.

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Film School Rejects has been hijacked by Michael Bay’s Armageddon!!!

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@erichw1504 As much as I like to mess around with you and annoy you, truth is I would hate it if you would leave fluther. You really got me there!
Love you really. : )

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@queenie Hah, glad it worked on at least a couple people. You can’t leave either or I would start an uproar and get all jellies to bring you back.

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@erichw1504 You do that, if ever need be….now, back to my annoying self again. ; D

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Think Geek has some hilarious new products.

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Sick of all the April Fools jokes around the internet? Install Do Not Fool on Firefox.

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You are only supposed to do that until 12:00. It was 15 when you posted this.

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I posted a picture on facebook, of ”my new tattoo” and asked what everybody thought about it. I guess I’m the fool because everyone loves it. @ragingloli has to be fooling about the 12:00 deadline for fooling.

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@everephebe I just don’t understand what @ragingloli means.

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I have never really acknowledged April Fools day, probably because of traumatic events I was the butt of on said day as a child. :)

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@math_nerd Am I supposed to assume she lives in New Zealand?

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@erichw1504 :: Nope, I think she is in Germany. I think the point she made was that it isn’t April Fools day everywhere.

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@math_nerd I hate to break it to you but @ragingloli is not a she, I’m not 100% sure if he’s a he though

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No, you didn’t. I knew it was an April Fool’s joke right off the bat.

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@RareDenver He’s a she! She’s a he! He’s a she-she.

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Ah. Spelling problem. Or was it a Freudian slip? It’s all there in the Q:

“Well, it’s been good jellies, but I’ve decived to delete my Fluther account. Your thoughts?”

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@aprilsimnel This matter has already been discussed. Thank you, though.

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Nothing this year. But years ago, as an April’s Fool prank, EGM announced that a Street Fighter game had Ryu’s supposed sensi, Sheng Long, as a secret character. People were trying to find out how to unlock this guy for months, but he never existed lol. Sorta went out of hand, and EGM received a lot of angry mail for this joke. I didn’t know it at the time either, but in the SF storyline, Ryu never had a master named Sheng Long, this is the name of his shoryuken uppercut that went through crap translation…

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I haven’t been online much today so I totally missed all the pranks. My favourite of all time though, was a few years ago when my then-favourite blogging site pretended it had been taken over by Sanrio (publishers of Hello Kitty). You can just imagine what the site looked like that day… O.o

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Oh, you got me, good one

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Good. I don’t think you’d be able to survive if someone caught you successfully and took you away and never threw you back in the home that you belong in. I mean…. you’re a jellyfish. ;)

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