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Have you heard of the company "Technical Pro"?

Asked by Jeremycw1 (1370points) April 3rd, 2011
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I’m looking into getting some DJ gear for small parties and events, and came across this crazy looking thing. It looks like a pretty neat idea, but I’ve never heard of the company, and for $600 it seems a little too good to be true. What are your thoughts?

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Looks like way overkill for what you might be doing. Go with some simple Mackie’s or a speaker package if you don’t have the DJ skills to back up your soundsystem.

You really don’t need a full speaker system if you’re just going to be up there crossfading songs together or playing pre-made sets.

So I wouldn’t go with this “Technical Pro” thing until you get out there and establish a name DJing or making a bit of cash. I like to budget myself with spending what I make on music on more equipment. Otherwise I would have already bought the entire musiciansfriend catalog. :D

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Well I want to start DJing bigger parties and eventually start making money of off it, but one central speaker seems like it would be kinda weird. It’s cheap though, I found it on amazon for about $350.

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@Jeremycw1 I still dunno. You’d have to have a really small room for that to be completely sufficient, so I’d look into getting some used subs or just standard PA speakers that should be good for now.

I think the way speakers are positioned around a room are one of the nicer subtleties of live music. Although you could probably get away with one central speaker, I like the wide response you get from speakers all over the place. But for simplicity, this could work. You could always just pick up another one for a 2nd speaker if it works well.

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@dverhey yeah, I think you’re right about the central speaker thing. I think something like this would be much more practical. Thanks for the advice!

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@Jeremycw1 That’s pretty good, but do some research on whether you want to go with CDJs or computer-based stuff. If you already have a laptop, I’d go with Traktor or Ableton and use that with your current music library. But if you already have all of your music on CD’s, go with that package right there, it’s a pretty good deal. You may need to buy a power amp on top of it, but that whole package is pretty affordable.

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