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Can you create a game achievement for real life activities?

Asked by erichw1504 (26453points) June 16th, 2011
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Seems like achievements are everywhere these days. On your gaming consoles, smartphones, and even websites. To get achievements (medals, awards, points, stickers) you usually have to complete a certain task and often a certain amount of times. You may need a certain amount of frags on Call of Duty or you need to check into a TV show a certain amount of times on Get Glue or find all of the golden eggs on Angry Birds.

So, what I’d like you to do is create some real life achievements. State what the activity is and what you have to do to aquire the achievement, then name the achievement.


You have aquired the Freshly Cut Grass medal!
Mowed the lawn 4 times in one month.

You received the I’m going to hurl sticker!
Ate a whole package of cookies in one sitting.

Get creative and have fun!

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You have received the Athlete’s Foot trophy!
- Ran over 10 miles in one day

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You received the Charlie Brown Ribbon.

—Did something nice for someone who resents you.

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You have received the I Don’t Give a Fuckism award!
Achieved for not giving a fuck.

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You have received the I Really Don’t Give a Fuckism award,achieved for really not giving a fuck.

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The CINEMASOCHISTIC AWARD goes to the person who watched the most number of bad movies in a day. : )

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The Total Wanker certificate of achievement for the person who… oh, you know!

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The SPIT n SPITE Award – for spitting every time one thinks of one’s enemies.

The WINKAHOLIC Award – for having the most winks done in a day.

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Your have gained the Holy Fruck I’m friggin… wha? award.
- Drank a bottle of tequila in one hour.

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You mean like a “10 headshots in a row” achievement?

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Palm to the forehead award for finally realizing what was I thinking! ;)

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The You Got Away With Wasting Company Time award. That would be nice.

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The You Got Away With Watching Porn on Company Time award.

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I remember seeing a website about this a while ago. A user signed up for a profile and marked items from a huge list of community-generated achievements. Of course it was based on honesty, but I’m sure it could be a good motivation in someone’s life.

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You’ve just recieved the The Golden Turd Award
For shitting on a toilet for 6 days straight!!!

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