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What could be the most "drunk" question you can ask?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28795points) August 12th, 2011
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It’s Friday night. But it doesn’t have to be just tonight for anybody to go out and have fun and go drinking with friends. We are talking about real silly, funny or NSFW questions you remember asking while drunk but hypothetical ones are acceptable as well for more laughs possibly. : )

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Are you as think as I drunk I am?

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Do U wanna com wiot whit me?!

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“which one of you is you?

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Ojr pouuuhj tquep vre bon?

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My friend just sent me a blank text and I said, “I just got a blank text from you.” he responded, “you didn’t get my eggplant?”

So tonight, it’s that. He’s gone. It’s only 8:15 pm…

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I already asked the most drunken question I could ask, I think, and it got modded. It was so out there, for me at least, some people thought someone had hacked into my fluther account and asked the question.

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Hey lady! Wzzzzzaaat? Is zat a cougar in yer pocket or are you just happy to be me, hic?

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@redfeather No, what I meant was did yiou got my eghflant you know the one with the long trunk that loves peanuts and butters?

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@KateTheGreat Okay, I’ll name my squirrel, Beaver…

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@mazingerz88 Oh that night was full of fuck. I’d name mine Herbert Van Zaandt the Third.

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“I accidentally the whole fleshlight.”
“You accidentally what?”
“The whole fleshlight”.


“Has anyone really been far even as decided to use even go want to do look more like?”

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What is E?

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Probably this

I asked it New Year’s Eve 2008

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The one that I remember most is the one asked by my buddy while on the phone to his then Girlfriend now wife. We were both sober at the time, but it didn’t end that way.


We were juniors in high school at the time.

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I was feeling pretty good when I asked this one.

for the record i had a great time that night. thanks guys!

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So far is when I was Winters here and I asked something along the lines of, “why shouldn’t I kill myself?”

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ljldssssssssl sdlkdjlsj sl;? ??

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard . . . sround ten you get the milk

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Someone asked how they could force their dog to fart the other night. I’ll nominate that one. lol

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@Coloma They did it twice I think. And in general no less. Knowing my reply would be modded I asked “I have deja vu, why is that?”

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I am now going to read every question as if it came from someone with a drunken slur. Is that a good think for a newbie?

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@Macaria What do you mean, as if ? :-)

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Asking a woman sitting by herself: “Are you guys twins?”

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Another round, mom?

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I don’t remember ever asking anything while drunk, ecxept for more beer…

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I’m drunk. Should I write a qeestion?

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Do it.


Am I here?

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Uhh wanna fuck?

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Ok now I remember…years ago I got so drunk with some friends and I dialed the phone to talk to somebody but I forgot why I called and who I called so my friends all dropped on the floor guffawing after watching me look up at the ceiling, mumbling “ahhh ahhh ahh” while trying to recall who it was I called and why did I call at all?

Then they just started rolling on the floor when I finally said something in the form of this question, “Uhmm, my name is Maz and would you know why I would call you and who is this again?”

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@MacBatman31 Ya.

what’s your most embarrassing answer lol

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It’s a tie between either “I’m gay.” or “I have herpes”, then again those could just be something they said to get my drunken ass to leave.

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