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Has anyone ever put down Fluther to you?

Asked by comity (2837points) December 6th, 2011
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I was excited about Fluther and told a few people. One said, in a nasty tone, “It’s a bunch of blowhards with too much time on their hands”. First of all, I thought “why the nastiness”, but that’s besides the point. I have time more then most as a retiree, but I love to interact with interesting people and I don’t always have the opportunity to do that on the outside. Fluther and the internet give me that opportunity.

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I have heard put-downs of Fluther from former members who have left.

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No, never. Sometimes here on fluther a jelly gets annoyed with some modding, even I have had a few instances where I thought the mods went overboard. And, sometimes there is a jelly or two that gets on someone’s nerves, I am sure I have done it. But, a flat out fluther is bad in some sort of way, never heard anyone make a comment like that.

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What @janbb said. Also, those who think interacting with strangers on the internet is a stupid pastime.

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Reddit seems to have a very negative opinion of fluther. Then again, reddit is the ostensible domain of the neckbeard basement dweller, and something like 80% of them self-identify as “foreveralone,” so I wouldn’t give their opinion much validity.

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I have never had anyone put it down to me, but I don’t talk about it to other people.

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I know of a few spouses who don’t approve, and I’ve heard of others. They don’t like the time fluther takes away from them.

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My husband thinks I’m retarded for “spending time chatting on a website with strange people who could easily be axe murderers and rapists” and that I’m “weird for enjoying talking to faceless people” when I could be “getting out in the world and talking to REAL people”. He doesn’t understand about social anxiety/mild agoraphobia and that it’s comforting to talk to people without having to “get out in the world”.

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Oh, @wundayatta is right, I wasn’t thinking about that. My husband hates my time on the computer. But, when he has a question, he asks me to ask the collective. LOL.

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No, not at all.
My daughter joined a few months ago but is not around much.
I also, as @marinelife mentioned, don’t share much with others.
I don’t do “blowhard” anything, but I do enjoy the stimulating discussions and topics and it’s nice when I feel that maybe I have helped someone gain some perspective or shared some humor.

I’m single and my daughter is grown so I don’t have to worry about anyone having an issue with my fluthering time. :-)

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Wasn’t considering spousal criticism of online life. Oh yeah.

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@JLeslie Hubby is a computer nerd so he loves that I’m on the computer not pestering him : ) Also a great outlet for me when I’m going for medical treatments.

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No, but if someone ever did they will get a jellyfish to the FACE!

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@comity My husband only hates it when I have failed to do something I should be doing, then he sometimes blames my lack of accomplishment on the computer. And, when it takes time away from him. He gets jealous I guess.

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@WillWorkForChocolate Really! Axe murderers, rapists, mmmm!

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@comity Yep, that’s what ALL online people are, right? So which one are YOU? I’m an axe murderer.

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Does, “What’s Fluther?” count?

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My wife is sooo jellys of me and my online blowhard friends, that she actually had the nerve to call it “Flooder”! ;-o

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The wife & kids aren’t overly impressed, my son regularly berates this place as he looks over my shoulder. Which is fair enough when all’s said & done.

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@Brian1946 LOL

What you see is what you get with me, no skeletons in my closet.
The only discrepancy is that I have gained about 20 lbs. since I joined.

Fluther is bad for the backside. haha

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<<< Is a blowhard with too much time on his hands. Just saying.

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And if it wasn’t for @zensky‘s avatar, we’d soundly thrash him. Just sayin’.

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Oh yeah?!

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Fluther is my little secret.

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Actually with this avatar I should speak… more like… this. Where’s Jill… the Tooth… she said she’d thrash….me.

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Perhaps Jill… has gone to… the bathroom.

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That was… very funny. I laughed… out loud.

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Help! What is everyone talking about? Are we on topic or am I just too old to comprehend? ; )

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Neither… my friend… we are just… having a… moment… of hilarity.

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A moment…of…yes…historical…hilarity!

I was yelling at non-parents on the other thread…making…new…enemies.

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@zensky Ha Ha!

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Medical update, Dr. McCoy.
It’s worse than that, he’s dead, Jim, dead, Jim, dead, Jim;
it’s worse than that, he’s dead, Jim, dead, Jim, dead.

Analysis, Mr. Spock.
It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it, not as we know it;
it’s life, Jim, but not as we know it, not as we know it, Captain.

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What @janbb and @JilltheTooth said (and maybe others as I didn’t read all of the quips here). From former jellies.

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My partner thinks that it’s a silly waste of time.

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@Jude : She’s probably right, but I don’t care. <stomps foot and pouts>

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Curious. Where are you all writing from. I’m sitting on my couch at home, surrounded by furry children, computer on the coffee table and my fingers are doing the talking. Are you at work? What do you do? Not axe murdering as WillWorkForChocolate might think.

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Right now I am in my family room.

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I’m munching on some furry children.

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Sitting at my desk feeling the breeze flow through the only window in the building that opens. Yes. I’m that lucky!

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@zensky You’re cute! Now if I were 50 years younger…........

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@comity The picture in @zensky‘s avatar was taken at least forty years ago. WIlliam Shatner is now 80, so don’t worry about being 50 years younger. You’re just the right age! In fact, maybe a little young.~

And he’s Jewish, too!

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I’m writing from home. With my three furry children, waiting for my two non-furry children to get home from school. And I’m axe murdering people in my head. :P

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This is getting creepy. @comity stop encouraging him. ;-P

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@comity I have never mentioned Fluther to anyone outside of my home. And speaking of home – I am in your neighborhood (of sorts) sitting at the kitchen table, waiting for the temperature to drop tonight.

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Yes, somewhat often.

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Some people just don’t get it…

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@worriedguy Cold and all, love my neighborhood!

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No one’s ever put Fluther down, but then, not that many people around me know about it. I’ve shown it to a few, and they know what I’m talking about when I’m talking about it, but my friends don’t seem to have much of an interest in over here. That’s largely due to the fact that this place is English, and I live in a French place.

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@wundayatta Unfortunately everyone’s too young for me. I can’t cheat on my husband if I wanted to ; ) Jewish is good, but I’m from a muticultural/religious family and will take on any religion or non-religion. Anyone game? Don’t panic, only kiddidng!!!

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@comity You’re having fun, aren’t you.
To get back to the question. Ahem. I haven’t heard any negative comments, but I don’t talk about it. I believe people are here for as many reasons as there are people. (well, there must be a lot of overlapping). If the means stop fulfilling the needs, people leave and may think it’s the site’s fault. Chances are something has changed, but it isn’t necessarily Fluther’s fault if they are dissatisfied. People change too.

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Actually, come to think of it, KatawaGrey and I have dissed Fluther from time to time. Well, more along the lines of “They’re all f***ing wacko over there!” kind of stuff when things get…well…wacko here. Does that count?

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No-one I know has ever been on Fluther. I’ve told a couple what it is, but none have gotten on. So no, I’ve never heard anyone insult Fluther.

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Wait, @laineybug , don’t you ever sit around with your sisters and your Mom and roll your eyes and whine about the antics of Jellies on some of the more…er…interesting days around here? ;-)

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When I first joined, my husband didn’t put me down, he just laughed at me. Once he investigated, while he didn’t join, he understands why I love it. For me it’s a good way to interact with other people, and it gives me a chance to think before I respond. Face to face wouldn’t allow me to think before I responded, so for me it’s wonderful. Now I just need to have some family and some friends fall in love with Fluther and join!

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I pretty much am a blowhard with too much time on my hands so, personally, I wouldn’t be insulted by that comment, but most people here aren’t and they are mostly nice, intelligent people. When I first came to fluther after another similar site I was on shut down some of those people didn’t like the place very much and said so but other than that, no. No one I know in real life knows about fluther so they really wouldn’t have an opinion. It’s a nice community and what really matters is that you like it and what you get out of it.

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When I first joined, I told a bunch of people about the site, and none (except my kids) were interested. They didn’t really put it down, but they just didn’t ‘get it’, I guess. Later on, I was more selective about who I ‘invited’. Even then, only one (@JLeslie) has stuck around, that I know of.

My husband thought it was flat out ridiculous, at first (like @JLeslie‘s husband, he would still have me ask Qs for him). He kind of had to eat his words when I got a job here, though. :p

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Yes I have this imaginary buddy who keeps putting Fluther down every time I’m in the bathroom fluthering in my iPad. He keeps saying, get a life dude, go to a real porn site or somethin. : )

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@mazingerz88 Your imaginary buddy should be giving you a hard time about bringing your iPad into the bathroom. What if you drop it on the floor, or god forbid, into the toilet?

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Hides axe behind sofa .. ahmmm… I usually Fluther while watching TV or in between doing other work. I find it quite relaxing to see what you are all up to. I don’t tell people about my Fluther addiction though. It is my secret.

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Fluther isn’t a real porn site? Mindfucking doesn’t count?

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@WillWorkForChocolate Not to mention that talking to new people face to face is absolutely worthless half the time (that’s being generous).

My friends make fun of me sometimes, because of the theme. They were laughing at the jelly awards and such. It is kind of funny when you think about it. I thought it was strange when I initially saw it.

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I’ve seen Fluther being put down, but I’ve also made my own jokes about Fluther. The “Awards” amused me and still do. I think they’re cute at the same time, though.

I don’t visit or talk about this site enough for my family and friends to make fun of me for using it. Some members of my immediate family make fun of me sometimes for using a different site that is quite similar to this one, so I can definitely understand this question.

It is best to laugh off the criticisms and/or make jokes about using the site. You could even say “You jelly I’m a Jelly?” in a really happy, cheerful, and positive tone that shows you’re not offended at all. :D

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