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To you, what is the meaning and purpose of life?

Asked by MilkyWay (13738points) January 29th, 2012
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Is there one? If there is, what is it?
If there isn’t, then would you say why?
Obviously, not everyone believes in God, so those people who don’t, what do you think life is for? Apart from just living of course :)

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Everyone knows that!!!

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Life is for living. That is its purpose.

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To make the best of the time between birth and death.

Although from a purely biological point of view, the sole purpose of life is reproduction – to perpetuate the species.

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To learn what true love is, to experience all the things that fill your senses, to hear the sound of a young child laughing, to see a beautiful landscape and to be at peace with yourself, and to play with a young puppy at least once in your life. Oh and good sex too.

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Well the way my life has been going these last few years there is no meaning to life. Life just blunders on blindly. Maybe that’s the meaning of life just to blunder blindly in the dark.

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For me I believe in God and that’s what I should be living my life for. Of course there is trial and error in my life. However, when I think about life scientifically, the fact that the human brain comes from millions of years of evolution through Hydrogen, Helium, Lithium combining and exploding to create newer elements is beyond astonishing. It is to say, literally, scientifically proven, that in fact through dust, is consciousness born. It’s dust becoming aware of itself and it’s surroundings, and for me, it’s through the miracle of God. Of course I don’t mind that other people believe that life is just spontaneous.

For me, growing up with out a father figure in my life means I will be the best papa to my little boy as he grows up and goes through experiences. None of chose to be here, so for me, it’s all about enjoying the ride. I’ve gained appreciation through life’s hardships, through depression, through being a monster, through being a manipulator and have come back down to earth to hopefully live the best way I can and help others in the process should they seek it.

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To do what you can to make a positive difference in the lives of those you love.

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Life has no meaning, no purpose and amounts to nothing no matter what you do. All is swept away, out of existence, under the unrelenting march of time. I exist merely because I choose to.

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There is no meaning or purpose to existence. What is, is and that is all.

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Purpose? To wonder. To imagine. To create. To destroy. To rebuild. To dream.
Meaning? Oh shoot.

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(see movie: The Graduate)

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My alternative answer: boobs.

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Meaning is what you make it and purpose is ever changing. Don’t over think it, just be a decent person and enjoy that fact it is your spin on the planet.

I like the saying ” You don’t HAVE a life, you ARE life.”

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To strive toward the maturity in all things to which God has called us. To learn to love others as much as we love ourselves. To find our calling in God’s will. To support our mate in all things. To raise children who love God.

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To live. That’s about it. Anything beyond that is a personal choice that everyone must make. In my own life, I would add “to love”.

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LIVE, LOVE and be as happy as you can be, as often as you can be.

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Feel your heart.
We are all stuck here on this weird little planet, and we should try to help each other through this positively.

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Today I would say the purpose of life is to give consciousness form and shape through which to act. I would say there’s no singular meaning, rather infinite opportunity for experience. What I think you meant by “meaning” might be answered by the idea of gaining mastery over manifesting one’s desired outcomes. Perhaps more importantly, gaining mastery over imagining one’s desired outcomes.

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My first thought was 42, but that’s already been said.
For me… I was made to dance in white dresses. :)
I was made to grip readers with my raw candor.
I was made to do things that don’t make sense. Like clean my room while wearing roller-blades…
I was made to sing to myself at night.

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For me, life is meaningless. I am just going with life. A tossed coin does not always show up the result what your heart is hoping for. The purpose of life is to make others happy as much possible as I can regardless of how they behave with me. I wish I could go in the past and change the bad things that had happened to me.

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To me life is like a school,
the soul comes here into a human body and experiences life to learn and evolve
until it gets to a point where it has reached much spiritual knowledge and we turn into divine beings. :D

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I saw a shared link on fb today that was beautiful. It read:

The meaning of life is to find your gift.
The purpose of life is to give it away.

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There are two meanings to life. One we are given. The other we give.

Meaning can only be expressed upon a code. That’s what all codes do. Codes express meaning. The words on this page express the meaningful thoughts of those who wrote them.

First meaning of life is presented in your 6 billion letter genetic code. There is a 6 billion letter novel in every cell of your body that describes @MilkyWay before @MilkyWay ever existed. That novel was given to you. It means @MilkyWay. There has never been written another novel like it since the beginning of creation. Courts can get a piece of it, read it and ask forensic scientists “What does it mean”? The answer will always be @MilkyWay. You are the meaning.

The second meaning of life is the additional code you author beyond your original genetic code. With every word spoken, with every thought thunk, you create meaning. You can’t even reply to this thread without creating meaning. You accomplish this by expressing meaningful thoughts with code. You are becoming you beyond the original you with every described phenomenal/theoretical observation. Out of the mouth speaks the heart.

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Be curious.

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Purpose of life is to spread the word of god and to live for him. I know that’s the purpose of life but ill be honest, I’m sure I disappoint him alot. Im not perfect but I work on it each and every day. And one day I’ll make him proud!

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Live love laugh and levitate.

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To my last post I’ll add “learn”.

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