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Have you ever played the "Where are they now?" game with fictional characters?

Asked by keobooks (14322points) February 24th, 2012
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My husband and I sometimes play this as we are going to sleep at night. This one is based on those celebrity documentary style shows that tell you all about what happened to that flash in the pan one hit wonder years after he had his moment in the spotlight.

Jokey Smurf is now a prisoner in a small birdcage inside Guantanamo Bay after the FBI raided his mushroom house and discovered his huge stash of homeade bombs disguised as presents.

Scooby Doo finally went into rehab to kick his Scooby Snax addiction. He also had intensive speech therapy. He is now a star performer at the Globe Theater in London.

Charlie Brown has tried to put his life as a child comics star behind him. He went into politics and is now running as an independent candidate for a seat on the Senate.

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It is called fanfic and is most thoroughly covered by Rule 34.

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Is this the idea?
Robin Hood is running the Treasury Department.
What’s Rule 34?

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Fred Flintstone is divorced and homeless after a failed venture to try and sell foot powered cars. It never took.

Bugs Bunny was poached and turned into rabbit foot charms

The animaniacs grew up from adorable hyperactive children and became serial killers. They are now in a top security facility in individual cells tightly strapped down and strait jacketed to contain the hyperactive psychotic murderer that resides within them all

Optimus Prime got scrapped, he makes wonderful tin cans now

Yosemite Sam moved to Arizona and joined the border patrol.

Elmer Fudd is serving a life sentence for poaching animals including the inspirational iconic bugs bunny

Pinky and the Brain still haven’t conquered the world but have taken two countries by use of human sized mechs. Pinky’s mech recently had a malfunction so he had to change. To the world they are known as Vladmir Putin and Kim Jong Un.

Peffe le Peu (the skunk and whatever his name is) finally came out of the closet for Ricky Martin and began his own line of horrible smelling deoderant for men. It seems to be bound to overtake Axe any day now.

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Yogi Bear opened his last picanick basket which had a Anaconda in it. Nuf said.

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Calvin made a tidy fortune on Wall Street devising high-risk financial instruments having no connection to reality.

Hobbes now sublets a corner of Puff’s cave on Hanalei Bay, Hawaii.

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The Black Ranger broke stereotype and got himself an orange Power Rangers suit.

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Yossarian is in Sweden.

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@CWOTUS: In a happy gay marriage with the chaplain, I hope

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Heathcliff went on to live many long, bitter years crying into his wine and plotting summary little vengeances against any and all who crossed his path. He was known to throw small nails onto pathways in the moors.

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Superman was thrown through a transdimensional portal by Luthor, where he was forced into a battle against Radditz. Superman was killed in less than a second.

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This answer makes much more sense on this thread loli ;D

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Sorry, @gailcalled, it was Orr who made it to Sweden ahead of Yossarian. (Amazing what you can find at a google prompt by simply asking… a question that I could also ask here: “who made it to sweden from catch-22”? ... and there is Orr.)

I don’t think either of those two swung that way not that there’s anything wrong with that, even though Yossarian threw away the phone number of his lovely whore. He regretted it instantly afterward.

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@CWOTUS Google “opening two sentences of Catch 22”. (I have them memorized, for reasons I no longer understand.)

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@ragingloli Thank you. ( I think. )

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Snow White and her prince had seven children, all boys, whom they kept in chains in the castle dungeons. They were let out to do the services that the dwarfs used to do (after the dwarfs died, all together, of asphyxiation when the chimney backed up.)

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God is still a notorious daydreamer, his mind full of fanciful thoughts. You could say his head is in the clouds.

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After the fresh prince realised that Sleeping Beauty was sullied by countless lesser princes who tried to awaken her by a kiss (and more), he dumped her back into the rose garden, where the roses meanwhile mutated into thorny sex craven tentacle monsters.
Sleeping Beauty was continuously violated until the end of her days.

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After Jesus’ cadaver was dumped in a cave, his emergency power cell kicked in and he continued his journey to kill Sarah Connor. He was never seen again.

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Road Runner was caught and is on display in Edinburgh Zoo, which is run by the Acme Corporation.

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Bugs Bunny permanently lost his speech impediment after Elmar Fudd tied him to a tree with a ballgag and a sign saying “Leisure Centre”.

I think I am going to draw this

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Okay, @gailcalled. I’ll spot you those sentences, but it wasn’t “that kind of love”, which is made clear pretty soon afterward, I thought. (I guess I need to re-read C-22.) I love Tom Brady, too, but I wouldn’t marry him even if we both do reside in New England where that sort of thing is legal.

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@ragingloli Agreed, Bugs Bunny’s Brooklyn accent could be considered a speech impediment.

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After discovering the power of God and Prozac, Gargamel learned to overcome his raging obsession with hating smurfs. He also learned that trying to kill them off and failing week after week was a sign of futile behavior that left him with an empty void deep in his hart. He is now happily married and living with his wife and three children in a quiet suburban town.

Jon Arbuckle and the cast of Garfield finally come clean. Garfield has actually been missing for several years. They have been using old stock footage and stunt doubles to hide this fact.

Recently, the cast of Marvin made the shocking discovery that the toddler they thought of as their son named Marvin for all these years was in fact Garfield the cat, who escaped into their panel four years ago. He completely shaved off all of his fur and used it to make a toddler toupee. Garfield claimed that Jon had been showing signs of extreme paranoia and hostility and the cat genuinely feared for his life.

Jon Arbuckle and Marvin’s parents were not available for comment.

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The Lone Ranger went through a difficult break-up with Tonto, due to his inability to come to terms with his homosexual side (the real reason for the mask!).
Following a bout with alcoholism and an addiction to Heroin, he tried to make a living as a male prostitute, but his life turned around following his witnessing his once faithful sidekick Tonto attacked by werewolves. He rescued Tonto, using his famous Silver Bullets, which were the only thing that could kill werewolves.
He has since become an advisor to Presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

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@filmfann : I want to flag your answer as…the best damn answer to this question! LOL!

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I’ve tried, but none of the fictional characters that I know want to play with me. ;-)

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Cue Stand by Me.

After Dorothy returned to Kansas, The Scarecrow and Tinman worked hard for a social reform in Oz. The first general election was held in Oz, not long after. The winner, you ask? Why the Scarecrow of course. I hear that he frequently writes to the Tinman, who continues to work as an adviser to a not-so-Cowardly King in a small, nearby kingdom.

Charlie Brown continued in a downward spiral in his depression, resulting to drugs and alcohol as a method of coping. Last I heard, he had held up a store at gun point. He’s awaiting trial, from what I’ve been told.

Johnny Quest got out of the adventuring game while the getting was good. Though he kept in close contact with all of his friends, he found plenty of adventures in careful financial investments in the stock market. He recently wrote a book about his experiences as a youth, which became a national bestseller.

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Also, Rainbow Brite went on to become the president of the NAACP.

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After recovering from the shock of learning that his entire life to date was fake, Truman Burbank married Lauren and sued his former exploiter, Christof, for all of everything forever. This was complicated by the show’s widespread popularity – finding anyone even remotely impartial required a trip to a small town in southeast Mississippi that had no TVs. He won in a dramatic court battle and found himself fantastically wealthy. He now sells insurance to fill the time that he and his wife don’t spend traveling.
The rest of the cast of the show had something of an easier time rejoining society, though a few had trouble adjusting and may now be found in padded rooms. Hannah Gill embraced singlehood, took up theater, and wrote an uninspiring memoir, “The Woman Behind The Man.” Marlon has had his liver replaced and attends regular AA meetings; his outlook is positive.
The Sea Haven Dome has been abandoned. Its ultimate fate has yet to be determined, as various parties fight over it. Meanwhile, it continues to deteriorate, a process hastened by the lavish attentions of looters from the entire Southwester United States.
The fallout of the collapse of Christof’s grandest dream was too much for him, and he took his own life a few years later.

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Ishmael founded Greenpeace.

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@Nullo – I often wondered what happened after Truman and Lauren rushed into each others’ arms at the very end. Now I know (even if your postscript isn’t canon).

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@CWOTUS: MIlo here; Gail has memorized the first two sentences, but I have learned the entire novel and can talk about the subtleties, if you like.

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Well let me reread the novel sometime and we’ll have a mini book club, @Milo.

Now that I think about that a second, I’m wondering if your name comes from the novel, @Milo.

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