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Just for fun - what would be some really bad ideas for children and babies' toys?

Asked by zensky (13418points) February 28th, 2012
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Flamable, choking hazard and poisonous toys welcome.

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My First Fissable Material Playset™

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A bottle of nitroglycer- oh you said bad.

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Dry cleaning bags.

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White phosphorus play set. Sodium bathtub boats.

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Well, Barbie was already a bad idea.

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Baby’s First Chainsaw

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Swiss Army Knife.

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Barbwire Barbi.
G.I. Blow exploding soldier
My little Rattlesnake with real rattlesnake and razor blade in snakebite accessory kit
Jim Jones Koolaid stand
Blister the fun contortion game played on a sheet of super heated steel

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@whitecarnations had one of those from the day I turned 7.

@Coloma oh wow.

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GI Hoe

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M18 claymore mine

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Ez-Puke Bulimic Barbie

Bratty dolls dressed up like sluts with porn star pouts oh oops, those are real

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“Real time” Operation – with scalpels and forceps.

Instructions: Get your kid brother and have fun for hours.

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Head lice farm. Similar to an ant farm but twice the fun.

My Little Junkie – Doll that teaches your kids to cook up their own heroin, find a vein and shoot up.

Scissor Racer! – Zany game where you grab the sharpest scissors in the bag and then run like crazy!

Sylvia Plath’s EZ Suicide Oven

Build your own hand grenade kit

French Revolution Barbie comes with her own guillotine and head basket.

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Ken and Barbie porn kit!

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toy guns—I hate them

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Michael Jackson talking doll, his pants fall down & he says “Just beat it, beat it”
A dvd titled Come Play With Me by Peter File.

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Pure lead pencils and paper printing set.

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color by numbers

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Glow in the dark paint set (contains real radium).

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Bee Hive: The Game

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Introduce your children to gun safety; buy them a ‘baby gun’ (Fires real bullets. For children aged 3+)

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Also a pint jar full of mercury might be fun.

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