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How do I modify my profile?

Asked by bea2345 (6226points) June 19th, 2012
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It has neither a description of me nor a list of topics.

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1. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “My Account”.
2. A menu will display. Click on “Edit Your Story” under Profile in the right hand column.
3. Add whatever you want to show up on your profile.

List of Topics
This is a bit trickier, or at least time-consuming. Today, it is a matter of hovering your cursor over ones that show up in questions. A box will be displayed that offers the option to add it to your profile. This means that you have to pay attention to the topics listed in the questions that you read and decide if you want it added to your profile.

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For the topic list you might be better served zooming in on the topic lists of users who you find interesting. You can then browse their topics and add them to your own, via hover, as @Pied_Pfeffer suggests.

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If you know of specific topics that you want to add, you can also search them using the search box, and again, add them via hover.

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Go to your profile – the quick way is to click on your avatar anywhere it appears. Click on “your story” then click on “edit.”

Plus ^.

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You dn’t seem to have altered it – still having trouble?

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@erichw1504 Ummm…thanks for that tidbit of information, but how is that related to this question?

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@syz – no, I am not having trouble exactly: I share this computer with two other people.

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