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When did you last find something totally free on the Internet that made you very excited?

Asked by Hawaii_Jake (37449points) August 25th, 2012
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Today, I downloaded a Japanese word processor that was completely free, and I’m very excited. It was highly recommended by, so I’m not concerned with viruses.

Have you discovered anything recently on the Internet that was completely free and safe?

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Friendship. :)

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Crud, too late to edit. I know that isn’t what you meant, but I really was just thinking about how grateful I am to have some wonderful friends that I wouldn’t otherwise know.

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I love to find beautiful fonts for free even if I still can’t quite figure out how to use them. And finding Fluther was huge for me, of course.

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I like and all of the free audio book sites.

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Speed reading website – saves me reading time which I happily spend doing more reading ;-)

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Sex here is always safe and free.

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I was trying to find some information about a family member of my ex-husband who had been arrested. I searched and searched and all I could find were all kinds of pay sites for background checks. After some looking I found most of the information I needed for free. There was information available from the superior court in the county where the arrest happened and from there I was able to track down all of the important details for free.

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YouTube. A free movie called “Crying Freeman”, one of my favorite action films. I just stumbled upon it one night. Nothing like getting excited and not paying for it. You know like sex with the wife? Lol.

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I found a long history of the shtetl in Lithuania where my pat. grandfather, Ben Finkel, lived until he was 17 (1888), when he immigrated to the US.

There was a picture of his family’s tavern and brewery with signage (Including ads for a female Finkel dentist) and many tidbits about the family…what guilds they belonged to, what their taxes were, how much they contributed to the little synagogue (whose architect was my grandfather’s grandfather).

The author included many photos of the grave markers in the Jewish cemetery. of the family. Apparently in Nov. 1941 the Lithuanian collaborators massacred all the jews left in the shtetl.

The shtetl was small and the Finkel family large so it was inevitable that their history coincided with that of this little village.

This history was written in Hebrew but someone had nicely volunteered to translate it into English. See photo in section 2, in middle of the page; see grave marker at the bottom of the same page.

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Free movies on Youtube
Free website making software
Free photo editing software

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There are two pay version, but the free one is awesome enough on its own.

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Authentic recipes from almost any country in the world (I haven’t looked for every single one.)

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I am addicted to finding free artwork to use as my desktop background. I love fractal art and can spend hours browsing paintings and digital art online.

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I like some of the contests I have found on twitter from some companies I follow. I’ve probably won a dozen free books over the last year, and won a few quarts of goodbelly probiotic juice.

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My brother found a book online that described the experiences of a POW in Czechoslovakia from 1942 to 1945. My father was in this same prisoner camp which was very small and it was intensely interesting to me to read of his experiences and relate them to what my now deceased father had told to us. The book included a couple of pictures of my father taken in the camp and pictures of his fellow prisoners some of whom had names that were familiar to us from stories we had heard from childhood.

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I came across the International Music Score Library Project a few days ago. It provides free sheet music and recordings of thousands of public domain music pieces. I like how it provides a description of in which countries the music is public domain.

It allows people to find music based on composer, time period, instrumentation, genre, and nationality. It also has a melody-based search, although I don’t know the quality of the results.

One thing that I like is that it provides the original pieces, not versions that have been arranged/modified by anybody. I’ve used it to find the original score to Also sprach Zarathustra.

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@DigitalBlue I wish I could give you 10 GA!

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I just realised… what about knowledge? And information? :D

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What about Fluther?

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Great answers above.

Google Earth. I go and visit places I will never make it to in real life. I have also been home to where I was born in the UK, where I grew up, my school. I even went to Soweto one day because I wondered what it is like now. I should remember to go on a Google Earth holiday again soon.

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Songza. Oh, and Fluther.

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I periodically try elementary language lessons…Arabic, Swedish, and Greek, to name a few.

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I love downloading free e-books (for my Kindle). Sometimes they’re old classics that are out-of-copyright and sometimes they’re up-coming new authors.

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I thought of another one. I love downloading books from my local library via Overdrive media.

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@keobooks – I have heard our local library has ebooks. I keep meaning to stop into find out how it works, but…..... Once you download, is it a loan, must you return or is it yours to keep?
Is Overdrive media software that you download in order to “borrow” a book?

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@Bellatrix What an idea!! I’ll take my daughter on a world-wide trip this way then!!

I just found some free phonetic information online with visual support… thanks to the U of Iowa! Soooo coool!!! (total geek moment, I know…)

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@rooeytoo at our public library the ebooks are checked out to patrons and are only available for a certain amount of time, just like checking out a hard copy.

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@SuperMouse – thanks, it really is an intriguing concept. I am going to check into it. Do they charge you a fine if it is overdue, or is it just miraculously erased from your hard drive?

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@Rooeytoo in our public library the book are just no longer accessible after the due date.

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