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How do I know if these guitar tuner machineheads will fit my guitar?

Asked by _Whitetigress (4375points) October 4th, 2012
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I want these badboys one day

But how do I know if they fit my Martin 000–15m. I’m not familiar with changing tuner machineheads so understanding the ratio means jack diddly to me especially since I don’t even know what the ratio on my current tuners are.

Also feel free to recommend different brand of Ivoroid tuners. I am currently attracted to the link I posted just because they are “butterbean” style.

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I changed the heads on my electric when I refurbed it several years back. It was literally just take out the old ones drop in the new ones for me. But they weren’t machineheads like this, and though I didn’t have to drill new holes because my old ones matched, it wouldn’t have bothered me if I did because I repainted it.

Honestly I would suggest calling the manufacturer and asking. That’s probably your best bet.

side note: I personally don’t care if they’re fancy aftermarket machineheads. I’ve heard they stay tuned a bit better, but I’ve never had issues with my standard ones on my acoustic. Not worth the large investment to me.

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I agree with @tedd, check with the manufacturer.

I changed tuners on my old Eko 12-string about 15 years ago. She’s about a 1957 model, and the screw gears on the tuners were either worn or wearing. I went to a local repairman that I’ve known since the 1970’s and he hooked me up with some that looked original.

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