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How does one search the internet without using Google, Yahoo, Bing or a "3rd party" search engine that actually just uses Google, Yahoo or Bing?

Asked by StrYdeR (30points) November 10th, 2012
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It is disconcerting the notion that I am unable to run a search without the use of one of the “Big Three” I find that even so called 3rd party search engines after a little digging or sometimes with no digging at all are infact just using queries from one of the Big Three’s engines. I am forming this image of an encapsulated system of inter-connectedness which I am unable to escape from. Couple this with Google’s recent changes to their search engine in their own words of “relevant results” it seems to me If there is something that falls outside the capsule It will be non-accessible.

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Untraceable, decentralized, and (I think) the perfect answer to your question. Check it out :)

Honorable mention to DuckDuckGo

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Why don’t you use Mozilla Firefox?

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Why are you so against using one of those engines?

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Startpage shows you google’s results but through an anonymised proxy so google can’t get any data about you. Ixquick is a prototype of the same search engine showing its own results without google, but I tend to find the results not as good. Startpage is my default search engine.

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Not so much worried about the data collected as the data not allowed seen. From Pre 80’s Wayne Dyer lectures to something regarding why it is ok that the presidential election is over while there are still people standing in line to vote and all things that lie between and not between.

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Try They claim to use all of the other search engines in one place.

BTW- Welcome to Fluther! We’ll talk about anything, and you don’t need a search engine! :O)

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I did a quick test :
YaCy tried to send info to: Twitter and
Ixquick was clean – no trackers
Dogpile tried to sent info to: AddThis and Google Analytics
Fluther sends to: Google Analytics and Quantcast

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I don’t get why the big search engines are so bad. None of the alternatives mentioned are nearly as convenient or easy to use.

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@livelaughlove21 There are two issues with the big search engines. One is the data they farm off you and sell to the highest bidder (or use for their own datamining purposes). The second is censorship, directly or indirectly, by whth-holding certain results or pushing other results to the top of the list.

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@downtide I use Google on a daily basis and I’ve never experienced privacy issues – at least none that affect me directly. What exactly are the consequences of Google using this information?

As for censoring, I always find the exact information I’m looking for, and it’s pretty simple to formulate a search to find accurate results. I’m just wondering what types of sites are excluded and if, when excluded, searchers are missing out on any vital information.

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“What exactly are the consequences of Google using this information?” Google don’t openly admit what they use this information for – that’s why I’m concerned.

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Google is runner up to Apple as one of the more evil companies in the high tech sphere. It’s not so terrible that they collect information, but it’s terrible that they won’t tell you what it is or what they do with it,

Sometimes privacy should be given consideration period. People Google things like medical issues or explore their sexuality online. Or there are other odd reasons. I was investigating something recently for a client. I did a Google search. The Google search included use of the n-word. Do I really want Google storing that? Especially if they have identifying details about me (e.g.,my personal name from Google+)?

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