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Just for fun, which Avenger would you pick to guard your new house after winning 500 million in the lottery?

Asked by mazingerz88 (28790points) January 6th, 2013
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Please pick only one and tell us why he or she suits your security needs. Choose only from the recent movie version of The Avengers which starred, Thor, Ironman, the Hulk, Hawkeye, Captain America and the Black Widow.

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Probably Hawkeye.

With his skillful use of arrows, I think he’d do the least amount of damage to my house in the course of its defense.

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Which what when I win what?

I’d say Thor is he looks like this.

Hell, screw the money! :)

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Ironman, because if he screwed up, he could pay me back the $500 mill.

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Emma Peel.

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Thor, but only because I like looking at him so much.

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I would choose Uchiha Sasuke, because the others all suck, but since I am limited in my choices, I would take the black widow, because then I would have something to screw with my strapon

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Ironman. Easy choice lol. He’s got money, has an awesome combat suit, can build me one to fly around in as well, and he’s nice to look at.

@ragingloli hmm you wouldn’t be afraid of him turning on your village you and attacking?? Seeing as he only cares about himself and his own goals and all lmao. I’d much prefer Naruto – ninetails form of course post ninja war

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Black Widow, but only because I like looking at her so much.

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throws a fit

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