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What would be the perfect prank to play on a dormitory?

Asked by Carly (4555points) March 8th, 2013
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My school has a dorm that is known for its rowdy prank-playing guys, however, this past year they haven’t been very active on campus. My dorm is thinking about “motivating” them by pranking them, in hopes that things on campus will get more fun this spring semester.

If you have any crazy-cool ideas, please feel free to share.
(PS we cannot do anything with alcohol, as my school campus has a no-tolerance policy for it. Sorry)

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To spend months letting it be subtly known you’re planning something spectacular that’s never been done before…

and then do nothing.

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Get some police uniforms from the costume shop or drama club, buy some crime scene tape and put it up around the dorm. Have two people in uniform at each door tell everyone trying to get into the dorm that it is a crime scene and they cannot get into it until after the blood and evidence etc is all collected. for a real kicker have someone take DNA swabs of everyone entering.

That is the bare bones, you will have to fill in the details to fit your situation.

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Move the building while they are either all sleeping or all away.

Shrink Wrap the building

“MIT hacks“ always great, but those are something completely different.

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Some very early morning, but after all are to bed, inflate thousands of balloons and put them in the hallways and common areas, elevators too, to fill as much as possible.

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(The dormitory I lived in in Manhattan, Kansas in the 70’s had NO sense of humor. All of the pranks we played on it went right over its head.)

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Something like this?

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Check with IT to see if they still have any of the old computer tapes. a 10” roll is over a mile of tape, A couple few should be enough to completely mummify an entire lower level of a medium sized dorm. Being made of mylar it would make escape from any doors that swing outward difficult, but not impossible.

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One of the nurses in my mother’s class at Washington University in St. Louis hung a mannequin off the roof of their dorm and chained the roof door shut. There were a lot of people going home from a Cardinals game that day that called the cops.

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Put signs on all the doors that say “Quarantined due to Small Pox.”

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Less expensive than balloons, for the cost of a roll of plastic wrap: raise the seat of each toilet and cover the bowl with the plastic wrap secured tightly across it. Lower the seat. Get out of there and wait.

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