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Is there anything that you can do better without even trying?

Asked by cheebdragon (20114points) April 26th, 2013
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They say practice makes perfect, but recently I’ve realized that the more I try to do something, the worse it ends up. For example, I bought a big cabinet for $12 at the thrift store to go in my bedroom. Since it was so cheap, I decided to make it awesome and spraypaint it rainbow with black zebra print over it (sounds stupid, but it looks pretty cool). When I first started painting I tried to be super careful with letting everything dry and covering each area so the spray paint wouldn’t get on the other colors, and I tried to carefully place the stencil each time so it wouldn’t smear black everywhere, doing this made it a 2 day project, and it was a huge disaster that resulted in spraypainted grass and mostly a big mess. So I painted it white and started the process again, by this time I was kind of sick of doing it but I couldn’t leave it in the front yard too long so I said fuck it and painted all the pieces in one shot with only a 5min wait between rainbow and black for it to semi dry, didnt really care about where I placed the stencil and just kind of winged it, finished in 45 min and it turned out awesome.
Since then I have noticed that the less effort I put into doing something, the better it ends up being, and the harder I try the worse it gets.
Does anyone else have this issue?

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I find that if I concentrate or “try too hard” things completely fall apart. For example, when we have a few minutes, my kids and I will shoot hoops in the driveway. When I first pick up the basketball in early spring, I will just take some shots and they will go right in. But then something in my brain kicks in and I decide that need to improve or alter something, so I will find myself “trying”, while I progressively get worse throughout the summer. By September, I can’t get a single shot in.

I think some things are done best if you leave your mind out of it. Don’t even tell it what you’re about to do.

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Yeah, and the more I look for something the less likely I am to find it, or the more I try to remember something, I just can’t do it, but then a few hours or days later when I’m not thinking about it, it will just pop in my head where I last placed an item or exactly what I was trying to remember.

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Yes. Playing pool (billiards).

When I instinctively let the shot go without analysis, I can get some amazing, tricky-looking things to land exactly where they should.

Amazing myself and starting to try planning… well, it’s one miss after another.

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^^ Wow! That is neat!

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It’s probably for the best that my son wasnt born a girl, my house would look like the epicenter of a gay pride parade…..rainbows, neons, glitter, and tiaras everywhere.

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I have that issue with sex. But not often enough to record the data and make a study that I could write up or anything.

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That was me in high school and college. I studied and got worse grades than when I just winged it.

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In a drawing class, I could draw perspective quite efficiently. Taught to do it using numbers and angles, I couldn’t get it right. My eye was more correct than my using a formula.

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I’m the king of patience and I seen to have unlimited perseverance.

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Just about anything creative works better for me if I don’t over-think it or try too hard. I get my best results when I let loose in the beginning, and only focus on perfecting it at the end of the process – whether I’m writing or painting.

Your project came out really good!

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Video games in general, with some exceptions.

If I play modern warfare and try to get a 25 kill streak, I will get killed off after every other kill or so, if I don’t think about it, and just let my fingers do the work while I chat to my friends, that is when I will get a 25 kill streak. The same applies to many other games, with some exceptions, such as tetris, a game that works much better the more I think and try.

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Definitely. When playing piano. And juggling.

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Drink water.

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