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Which instrument is better?

Asked by Hallucination (34points) May 31st, 2013
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I’m trying to choose between a violin and a guitar. Help me! (Please) [I’m weak when it comes to choosing..]

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Everyone plays guitar. Violins are popular too, but if you are good, you stand out.
If I could play any instrument well, I would love it to be the Saxophone.

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Violins are good for building tension in horror movies, guitars are just, well…cool as fuck.

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I played viola and it sucked, guitar is more flexible genre-wise, and yeah, cooler, too.

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Wich musical repertoire do you like the best? They are very different.

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One thing to keep in mind is that a large portion of guitar music requires a vocalist. Can you sing well?

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Why choose? Nathaniel Johnstone has done pretty well for himself. He played both violin and guitar for Abney Park.

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In order to have even the faintest chance of being a good violinist, you need excellent relative pitch. The violin has no frets to guide you, like the guitar does.

Plus, holding and fretting w. the left hand, and bowing a violin with the right (or vice versa for lefties) takes a different kind of physical stamina than does the guitar. Both arms are held in the air.

On balance, technically, the guitar is easier to become proficient in.

I studied classical guitar for a year and really enjoyed it. After my sixth week of violin lessons, I ( and my neck) knew that we were not meant for each other

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Guitar is the easiest to learn and the hardest to master.

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@gailcalled hahaha, totally get that. I did like the smell of the rosin and picturing myself in a band or orchestra though! Carrying a shiny instrument and the fancy case wasn’t bad either.

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Guitar. Trust me. Guitar. The most versatile instrument there is. Easy to get started, tough to be excellent, but not that tough to be adequate. A popular instrument. You will always find eager guitar players to hook up with. A very social instrument. Lots of people you can relate to. An abundance of styles and designs of instruments. Many guitar players are self taught, and thus independent. Many (good) violinists are influenced by a classical maestro, and thus are identity mal-defined, and subject to intimidation, social unease, and character confusion.
Trust me. Guitar.

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Why not try the trombone

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Guitar. I played violin for like three years and never really liked it much, but started guitar last year and I’ve been having lots of fun.

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