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Who is the tallest person you've ever seen in real life?

Asked by Dutchess_III (46866points) June 16th, 2013
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My daughter and her kids went to Red Lobster. Brande, who’s 9, said, “Momma! Look how tall that guy is!”
Corrie started to shush her because it’s not nice to point people out, but then saw him herself. He was 6’10”! (She asked him!)
My dad was 6’4. My son is about that now.

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My son was heavily into basketball, so we went to many games, he played in several leagues and attended camps and workshops… so I’ve been around many very tall people. However, I can’t say exactly how tall the tallest person was.

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My cousin’s husband is 6 ft. 8 inches.

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William Bedford, when he played for the Pistons. He’s very tall, right around 7 feet I think.

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I am 6ft 6in, so it is not often that I see people taller than me. Having said that, I once worked with a guy who was 7ft 2in, but he was not the tallest.

In Erith in Kent, UK, there was a guy who used to sell RAC car insurance on the street corner,, and he was even taller, I don’t know ho wmuch, but over 7ft 2in for sure.

The tallest I have heard that has any relation to me, was my great grand father, who according to my father, was 7ft 8in. Since him all the men in the family have been at least 6ft 4in, even were they married a woman that was much shorter, their male kids have all been big.

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Chuck Nevitt, who is 7’5”. He was playing center for the LA Lakers in 1985.

We were at a Velvet Turtle restaurant early that year. I was standing by our table. I turned around and saw his elbow, which was just below my eye level. :-o

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My dad is 6’4 and my brother is 6’3.

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Too Tall Tom (no joke), the creator of Camp Mix (it’s a seasoning for veggies). He must be approaching 7-feet.

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My high school principal who was 6’11’’. And his last name was actually Little

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I’m 6’6”. I’ve never seen a taller person.

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