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What pickup line won't sound lame or desperate?

Asked by antimatter (4414points) July 1st, 2013
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This is a question for all the dating Guru’s, I tested the waters a few times this year and decided I want to do something more serious, I think it’s time to pick up a nice woman. So Boys and Girls what pick up line do you think is the best? The one that knocked the wind out of your sails and that is not too cheesy.

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Strangers or ? What do you look like?

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I’m pretty sure pick up lines are just some stupid thing portrayed by movies and the like. I’m sure douche bags try and use them, but seriously, I think all pick up lines are probably desperate. Why not try and have a conversation instead?

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@XOIIO I agree. If he was super hot and young, he could pull off pickup lines, but otherwise it can get creepy.

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My daughter had a beautiful friend who was swept off her feet when a guy said to her, “did it hurt?”
She looked at him confused and he said ” when you fell from heaven.”
I thought it as corny but she ended up marrying the guy.

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Hi. My name is fill in the blank Would you mind if I try out a few pick up lines on you? I’m kind of new at this. If the response is positive, haul out all the stupid ones you have heard. When you run out, say “My name is ______ . What’s yours? Isn’t that better?”

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Hi My name is______. What’s yours?

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Maybe it’s just my age showing, but I think the very idea of “pickup” sounds lame or desperate. Getting picked up by a guy is not the start of something serious. It’s cheesy and best avoided or got over with as soon as possible. Here’s a really old-fashioned idea: nice women don’t get picked up. That’s the definition of not-nice.

If you’d really like to meet someone you might be able to sustain a relationship with, why don’t you put aside the idea of pickups and lines and think instead about getting to know someone who might share your interests and activities?

You might start by looking around when you’re engaged in those interests and activities and seeing who else is already there. Common ground is always a great conversation starter.

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Pick-up lines sound lame and desperate.

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Try being a real person and not using pick-up lines.

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It’s not so much what you say, but how you say it.

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No pick-up line is good. None. And “good girls” aren’t known for being easily “picked up.”

How about acting like a half decent human being and simply introduce yourself instead of relying on your arsenal of horrendous pick-up lines?

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“Hi, my name is….”

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“You remind me of my pinkie toe—short, cute, and I’m gonna bang you on my couch at some point”

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If you’re going to try to use any pickup line whatsoever, take a lead from @Michael_Huntington, and make the lady laugh. (good one, MH!)
Making some kind of comment that is funny helps you both be more comfortable and opens the door for a conversation.

The best other advice I can give about pickup lines is: make sure you have something to say after that !! It’s the basic reason most pickup lines don’t work, the guy has nothing more to offer after it besides what’s in his pants.
Instead, don’t just stand there stunned by her charms (very unattractive). Keep your opening move moving.

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It depends. If you’re lame and desperate, then anything you say will probably come out that way. If you’re not actually lame or desperate, then just be yourself.

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-You like raisins?
-How about a date?

That’s pretty much my favourite. But really Hi and a general question related to the circumstances you’re in and maintaining interest throughout the conversation is pretty much it…. just listen and give back what they put in.

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Don’t use a line, start a conversation. Just talk about whatever seems appropriate to the situation.

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“My name is George. I’m unemployed, and live with my parents….”

(It might get you a Front Office job with the Yankees… never know….)

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The entire philosophy of the “pick up line” is lame & desperate in itself.
Usually used by daft fucking pinheads with little or no personality & the charisma of an amoeba.
Just talk to the woman for fuck’s sake, they don’t bite…hard!!

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I couldnt help but notice you have a face. Want to talk about it?

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I think talking to people shows that you are interested. Paying a genuine compliment can help if you want to take a gentle step closer.

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@Mr_Grimm Best pick-up line ever, gonna tell my guy friends!! :)

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Thanks guys….

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You know, it’s very comforting to see that my take is not so hopelessly old-fashioned after all. Maybe social standards haven’t changed as much as I thought.

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I’m not a fan of pickup lines as a method of “romancing” someone, but I do find them funny for their comedic value – they almost never fail to get a good chuckle out of me. Here’s one I just saw posted on a friend’s FB picture:

“Girl, are you a beaver? Cuz dam.”

It made me laugh.

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@jordym84 If a guy in a bar says the word “beaver” while hitting on me, I’m automatically not having sex with him…ever.

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Oh I would never, ever in a million years consider doing anything with anyone who felt inclined to use corny pickup lines. As I said in my original post, I find them funny for their comedic value, nothing more. (For what it’s worth, the person who posted that comment was a female friend of my friend’s, so it was not meant as a pickup).

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No pickup line at all. Just introduce yourself and start a conversation. If the place you’re at is too noisy for conversation, you’re in the wrong place.

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Or just show her your Jordan’s… she might leap for joy ;)

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None, for all pick-up lines are lame and desperate. I also disagree with with randomly introducing yourself and stating your name to a person right off the bat when you don’t know the person nor have a viable reason to talk to them. There’s nothing wrong with attempting to make talk first and then if the conversation goes well enough then introduce yourself and state your name. Of course I’m one of the few guys on here who thinks that both guys and girls should make an effort to try to meet someone.

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