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Which do you think is more likely the Bigfoot family (yetis etc.) or aleins?

Asked by kapuerajam (920points) June 22nd, 2008
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sorry error in asking.

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Alein should say Alien, I’m guessing.

Thusly, bigfoot is more likely because he’s easier to spell…

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See a very similar discussion here.

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aliens, y should we think we r the only people in universe

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I wouldn’t even question that there is life somewhere else in the Universe.
Aliens may or may not have made it to Earth, but I’m sure they’re out there.
Really kind of scary to even think we are the only ones. Not sure how much time the human race has left, but in cosmic time it’s looking more like zero all the time. So many careless choices so quickly…. I’d hate to think we are blowing it for the whole Universe.

It sure is fun to believe Bigfoot is out there, but I’m going to let him fall into fable category for now.

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Yeti are aliens that left there home planet because of global warming and came to Earth on a spaceship right around the time the Egyptians started building the pyramids.

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@buster Man did your Yetis’ screw-up or what? Hope the ship is still in working order?
It’s time to move yet again!

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The fallen angels/demons/nephilim which secular society calls aliens.

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@seVen – Interesting that aliens are all evil to you…

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All of the above….

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You know, according to people that have seen aliens, (supposedly there are several species), one of them looks like what we call Bigfoot. Just thought I’d throw that out there >_> It’s not coming directly from me, I’m just reporting what I’ve heard!

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I think Bigfoot, yeti, sasquatch, etc are another evolutionary path taken by proto-humans which did not develop technology.

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It’s the burning goose that hangs around my forest.

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Bigfoot could be just some mutants or lost tribe of Neanderthals, like critters we know exist.
Aliens, just don’t know.

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Neither is at all likely, so there is no logical choice between two such gross impossibilities. There is no convincing evidence that either exist. Kindergarten level fakes are cited as “evidence” for either.

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One of the instigators involved with the most famous piece of Bigfoot “footage” confessed it a hoax on his deathbed.

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