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Care to send some good vibes to one of my favorite jellies, Gailcalled?

Asked by Mama_Cakes (11125points) September 22nd, 2013
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Tomorrow she has a date with her orthopedic surgeon.

I’ll be thinking about you, Gail!

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Good thoughts to Gail!

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Hey you, good luck to you.

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Everyone I know who has had this surgery (at least 1 dozen people) is delighted with the results. I hope you will be too.

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Good thoughts and big hugs to Gail!

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May the procedure be uneventful and your convalescence swift. Much love to you, Mama.

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I’m sure Gail will come through with flying colors, and just think of the great drugs! The warm blanket of Morphine shall caress you in your recovery. lol
I’m more worried that Milo is going to throw a wild party and invite every bad cat on the east coast. We’re thinking of you Gail! :-)

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I hope for the best…

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Good thoughts.

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Kick osteoarthritis in the ass! In it’s bony ass!

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Millo here While the mouse is away….

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Good luck!

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Hopefully it and you will last as long as your original knee did.

I’m thinking about getting my knee replaced next year, so please keep us updated regarding your progress.

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Haha..@janbb I was going to say that too…but I didn’t want Gail to think we thought of her as a mouse. Oh no, she is no mouse. She is a very intelligent and formidable big cheese here!

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Is it “dutch treat” ? ? ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Best wishes and do your physical therapy afterwards ! ! !

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Hope all goes well. Not fun at all.

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Sending best wishes for successful surgery and speedy recovery!

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Absolutely. Great outcome and terrifically speedy recovery.

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I hope all is as @Seek_Kolinahr stated.

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Orthopaedic surgeons are not typically all that personable. As long as they are highly skilled, you will have a successful operation and I wish you a quick and an easy recuperation.

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In a couple of weeks you’ll be up doing the Moon walk and swinging the hula hoop like you did before the surgery.
Good luck!

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All the best Gail. Hope to see you around again soon.

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Gail, my dear, my friend, my chavera – refuah shlema.


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Certainly. Best wishes for a favorable outcome.
I’d say “break a leg”, but that seems ill-timed.

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All the very best, things will go smoothly and don’t worry about Milo, we’ll keep him in check!

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Wishing you a speedy recovery, Gail! We’ll mind the store while you’re away.

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Gail, I feel your pain… literally. Best of luck tomorrow!!!

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@augustlan Those are some tough shoes to fill!

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Gail: You’re going to come through with flying colors. I know it. Best of luck for a speedy recovery.

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Good luck, hope you feel better soon!

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I heard from Gail’s sister that she came through the surgery with flying colors, is already sitting up in a chair and starts physical therapy tomorrow.
I’m so glad it went well!

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@chyna Thanks for the update.

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Yay Gail! I knew she would! We’re two feisty gals…you can’t keep good women down, for long anyway!

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Excellent news @chyna!

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Good to hear. Thank-you!

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@chyna Thank you so much for the good news.

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So glad everything went well.

Hope you’ll be up and dancing soon.

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Thanks @chyna. I was going totry to find out today.

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Wunderbar !

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Word from Gail’s daughter today is:

My mother is doing fine. The surgery went well (apparently her knee was an “arthritic mess,” according to her doc). She is still in the hospital but will likely be out by Thursday and in her rehab facility. They already have her up and moving a bit, with more to follow today.

She will be back on her laptop when she gets to rehab so she can speak to you all then.

Such a relief to hear it’s all going well. Knees are such cussed things. Best wishes, Gail.

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Oh cool! I e-mailed Gail’s daughter too but I guess she got to you first.

Yay Gail!

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Great news!
Well frozen fingers are no picnic either, I wonder if they can do finger joint replacements. lol
Ain’t it the way it goes?
My hips, back and knees are fine, it is my neck, shoulder and fingers that are going. Guess I’ll have to find a legless person with good arms and hands to live with in my old age.

I’ll be their legs and they can be my hands. lol

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Gail, may your recovery go as smoothly as the surgery did! Wishing you little to no pain!

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Here’s hoping for a cute physical therapist (who’s also a linguist).

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@cookieman And a cunning one, at that. :)

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Wishing you a speedy recovery. Be well.:-)

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Great to hear the news, Gail.

Check your PMs.

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This explains why I didn’t hear back from her. I was starting to worry.

My dear friend, I hope you are feeling better. I hope you were lucky enough to find a cute doctor like Doc Martin. You’d be healed by the endorphins alone.

I hope Milo is minding the ranch while you’re out. He’s probably rearranging your spice cabinet or having a Party

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@Kardamom I was thinking more along the lines of McDreamy from Grey’s Anatomy, but Doc Martin works too. lol

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I kinda prefer McSteamy, myself. And Callie. Me-ow!

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Oh, and let’s not forget the most important Mc., McCoy!

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The surgery was successful, meaning that I am a miserable wretch with an 8” incision in my knee and a memory of 4 very unfun days in the hospital.

They had me standing and staggering to a commode 5 hrs after surgery…not for the faint-hearted.

The surgeon, in addition to being an excellent surgeon, is very personable and cute enough for a screen test…deep blue eyes and dimples.

Sadly, I had morphine only once and not nearly enough to get even the mildest buzz on. The other meds are there to keep my noise level down from a shriek to a gentle moan.

I am in rehab now. The tray on wheels where I keep everything important does not have a rim, so when I reach for the grabbers to help me pick up things, they fall on the floor. The male architect forgot to have any shelves installed in the bathroom.

The physical and occupational therapists are the spawn of Quasimodo. “Bend your knee as far as you can,” the PT woman says.” “OK, it hurts? Good.Push just a little more.”

So, the good news is that in three weeks this will be just a memory.

The bad news is that today is three weeks away from the good news.

Send funny jokes and anecdotes, please.

Milo has already forgotten me and is spending the night in my daughter’s bed.

Love to all, Gail

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@gailcalled So glad you are back among the almost living! Scars are such cool things to have. You can bore people with the stories behind each scar for hours.

You haven’t missed much here. Fluther has been so slow because a server is down that you would have given up waiting for questions to load.
However, you did miss a few good questions lately.
One was about having sex with Zombies, one where @jonsblond got people calling each other names (all in fun) and then there was the unfortunate incident where @coloma was imitating Jesus and pounded a stake through her hand.

There were other good questions lately, but I will let you look at all of them yourself, seeing how you have nothing else to do for three long weeks.
Happy recovery!

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@gailcalled I believe we should start to call you The Bionic Woman.

And I wish you a speedy, painless recovery.

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I think Roehmer is filming a sequel to be called “Gail’s Knee.”

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I’m glad you’re feeling better. My hubby was one night in the hospital then they sent him home after one night! I was his nurse and physical therapist but he is completley recovered now and likes to show off how he can stand on one foot on his bad knee and do knee dips with weights in his hands. I hope you recover as well as he did!

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I had knee surgery when I was 27, not a replacement but a correction of a defect—chronic dislocation of the patella. You’d think it would go pretty easily for someone that young and healthy, right? Nope. Hard cast and crutches for four months. They do it differently now, thank goodness.

How vividly I recall having the PT tell me to move my leg, and I obediently commanded my leg to move, and it didn’t go anywhere. I stood using crutches and looked down at my suddenly alien foot saying “Go, go, go,” and it just lay there like a dead thing, not moving. Extremely disconcerting. I had to relearn how to operate it.

Even my 95-year-old granny came back nicely from hip replacement, though. She was a tough cookie who’d already come through stomach cancer years before. You’re a tough cookie too, Gail. I’m standing by with banners to wave and whistles to blow as you come round.

I always say if you want loyalty, you don’t have a cat. The good news there is that Milo will abandon your daughter as readily as he moved in with her and snuggled for comfort. He misses you in his way. Probably nobody else can serve his caviar and quail eggs quite right.

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Hi Gail, glad you came through without too much trouble. Those 3 weeks should fly by quickly. In the meantime, enjoy yourself with this Martin Clunes Interview

Right now Milo is watching the footage of all of the dogs from Doc Martin. Yes, I know, it’s sick.

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@gailcalled I have good news and bad news. My electrician came by yesterday. He’s getting on up in years now, and he had to use one leg to climb the short set of stairs to the first floor porch. We have a basement that rises far enough above ground level to allow some narrow windows letting light into it. So the porch is about 5 feet up. I asked Jim (same name as me) what the trouble was, and he said he’d gotten a knee replacement a couple of months back.

“Still hurting?” I asked.

“No.” he replied. “Now what used to be my good knee has gone out because I had to overuse it during the healing.”

So your doctor knows best when to get active again, but unless he advises otherwise, give it time to heal. Don’t compound the misery. Jim’s now scheduled to have what used to be his good knee replaced. And he says he can’t wait till its done.

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@ETpro All I can think to say is “Ack!”

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Ike believe they get you up and at em as quickly as you can because it prevents blood clots from forming, which knee replacement is at especially high risk for because there’s a complex of deep veins right behind the knee that get tugged a lot during the surgery. If you they barcalounge that’s a set up for a blood clot.
I, uh, don’t have any good jokes or stories. But I can tap dance.
Tappity Tappity Tappity Tappity [vaudeville hook emerges from off stage, yanking me away]

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Ah, Gail, I am so sorry for your ordeal. Physical therapists are relentless. But it works! Think of inventive Shakespearan-type curses for them while you are rehabbing.

Think of the goal: to be able to garden again!

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NSFW: The most exciting news is that my GI tract (that’s a euphemism) is finally working normally, after 7 days.

And I misspoke. Therapists are the spawn of Torquemado. No offense to Quasimodo and his family.

Had a stroll on my walker out in the courtyard, still filled with autumn flowers. A red-tailed hawk, an important totem in my family, showed up and soared on the thermals,

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I did wonder about that reference to poor Quasimodo. Torquemada…now you’re talking Spanish Inquisition.

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^^^Exactly. From now on, I can blame any kind of wooly thinking on the anesthesia.

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Frodo here: Alas, poor Milo. Gail will be home again soon and spoiling all your fun!

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How in the world did I miss all this news?!!!
So glad you are limping along Gail, defective trays, grabless grabbers, shelfless commodes, sadistic therapists, and still you soldier on.
I’d seriously complain about the lack of adequate morphine though. haha
So glad you are up, if not completely around yet!

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Finally catching up on the details. Funny posts from Gail, funny posts from other Jellies. I am happy that Gail is doing well and I can assure you, Gail, that Milo does miss you, he just doesn’t speak English, so he can’t say it.

jca (36059points)“Great Answer” (7points)
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I’d like @gailcalled to know that I wish her a speedy recovery.

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