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I saw this and thought, I wonder if fluther could do better than this?

Asked by Judi (39890points) November 2nd, 2013
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The challenge is to write a horror story in two sentences. Here are some examples.

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He screamed until his throat ruptured and blood began to leak from the corners of his eyes. The last thing he saw before his vision first went red and then black was that morning’s headline, ”Prohibition Reinstated”.

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I watched the election returns in utter disbelief; and I kept asking myself how Ted Cruz could have won the presidency? And then I heard the hobnail boots kicking down my door.

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Damn…the examples you provided are really something. Seriously. Especially the last one. After reading those, I’m pretty sure I can’t do anything that great. Or disturbing, whichever.

Therefore, I’m just going to rip off a story I read. It was about three and a half pages long, but the last sentence defines the whole thing.

’‘So I tried to escape the tiger by running into a cave, except the cave was a dead end, and the tiger got to me. I didn’t manage to escape or fight it off, this is a ghost speaking to you.’’

Oh I just got another one.

The doorbell rang, my package came, finally. I opened the door and there was @ETpro goin’, hot stuff, comin’ through!


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@Symbeline You can’r even believe how terrifying that last one would be

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@ETpro Yeah well, I’ll have you know that…yo hold up yeah? Doorbell just rang.

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’‘Years ago, a lone chair appeared in the center of the basement, and no matter how many times I put it back in the corner it always found a way back to the center. It took a long time to realize it was positioned underneath the kitchen, almost like someone had taken a seat at the dinner table with the rest of us.’’


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The men in white coats say I have no daughter. I hear her cry at night and know they are lying to me.

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The young suicide bomber strode into the crowded cafe, glanced briefly at the patrons laughing and chatting, and squeezed the button on a tiny device in his hand, igniting his explosive belt. In the three seconds before his body flew apart into a thousand pieces, he had this final, horrifying epiphany: for him there was no Jannat; death would be only excruciating, eternal pain.

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My mother-in-law was finally in the ground, and I savored the blissful quiet. Suddenly I woke up, and above the sounds of a torrential rainstorm, I could hear her squawking in the next room….

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The poor dead girl whispers each night at 3am. The pain, what they did to her, her revenge & what will happen to me soon

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I awake with my wrists bound and the feeling of my underwear slowly being pulled down. Dear god Jenn you know just how to….DEAR GOD Jenn you aren’t due back for a week! somewhat of a true story

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It was a glorious late afternoon in the autumn kissed Sierras, as the woman skipped along the glorious alpine trail.
The last thing she saw before the darkness enveloped her was the tawny flash of a cougar and the sensation of her scalp being peeled from her skull as the cats jaws bore down for the final, vertebre crushing stranglehold.

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It was cool suddenly being able to talk to the dead, but I didn’t expect them to constantly complain about their situation. I guess I should have buried them deeper.

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(1) The election results weren’t valid, and there’s been a recount. Please welcome President Mitt Romney!

(2) I’m a lifelong Yankees fan. The Red Sox just won the World Series.

Cheers from Lori, a lifelong liberal and New England sports fan. (How cool was the Rolling Rally?)

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The mirror that reflects the future was in my hands. It showed me endless ruins and the shuffling living dead who try to grasp me through the glass.

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I sneak up on my mirror, laughing with sadistic glee. It sees my reflection, jumps off the wall, and runs out of my house yelping in terror.

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