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Can anyone recommend a greater grater?

Asked by ETpro (34605points) January 4th, 2014
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My cheese grater isn’t all that great. I am ready to move up to a greater grater, but what grates on me is I’m not sure how great each grater grates. There are sites that rate graters, but I don’t know how each grater rater rates. If you could suggest a greater grater, or a link to a greater grater rater, that would be great.

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I got a microplane cheese grater for Thanksgiving and love it. I use it regularly to grate hard cheese, nutmeg, citrus and citrus rinds. There is never knuckle grating involved, which used to happen regularly with the old box graters.

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I have heard good things about this. It’s been sitting in my Amazon cart for over a month. I might pull the trigger today. My current grater is really just designed to shred fingers.

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@tom-g : Check out the microplane one that I linked to. It is the Lamborghini of the grating world. The longer surface gives you more cheese per swipe, re; the law of conservation of energy.

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I use something in this style. It allows me greater control than the old torture devices box graters, and it’s much easier to clean. I have two, with different hole sizes. I also have a separate rasp for things like fruit rind and nutmeg.

Brands should not matter; they all perform at basically the same level.

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This one from IKEA fits all our needs check it out..

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You could experiment with an electric coffee-grinder. For hard cheese only, of course.

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I like the microplane graters, but I also still use the one I got from my mother.

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I use various graters but generally find that the drops of blood add to the savoriness of the cuisine.

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^ Indeed! And the ground fingernails give just the right amount of texture.

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KitchenAid. Shaped like a cowbell and has a rubber base to catch the cheese and give stability.

It is the greatest grater.


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@janbb That is something you shouldn’t be doing. Flippers were never designed for cheese grating.

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@flutherother Of course! Why didn’t I realize that?

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We have the multi-sided grater and a couple microplanes, as well as one of those hand-crank ones for parmesan that many restaurants use. When grating a lot of cheese for making macs and cheese or pizza or tacos, the multi-sided works better. As @josie said, it is stable; and each side has a different size or pattern to it so it is versatile for different cheese textures and purposes. The microplane is good for garnish, and can also be used for lemon zest, ginger, garlic, nutmeg and other ingredients.

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@ETpro GQ for the alliteration in the OP. The woodchucks are dancing.

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@ETpro – were you able to make America grate again?

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