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What is the BEST thing you could call a woman?

Asked by ucme (50047points) February 24th, 2014
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Placing a positive spin on the recent burst of questions.

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A person

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By her name.

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My dearest one

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“Well put together”.

From project to physique, it’s the supreme compliment.

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A woman.

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Soul Mate.

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As I get older, I like being called young lady.

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Something from a Hallmark card.

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Intelligent. Powerful. Independent. Self assured. Equal.

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I don’t think there’s any one word that can do as well as the right intention at the right time. My husband used to wake up every morning, look adoringly at me, no matter how torn, sick, or embattled I might look or feel, he would smile and say, “Gosh, you look beautiful.” I knew he was full of shit, but nothing could make me feel better than knowing he wanted me to feel that way.

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My other half?

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Angel of the valley.

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The most important person in my life?

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I love it when my husband calls me sweetheart. It seems more sweet and old fashioned.

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