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Ford Focus 2001 hatchback window is stuck on the bottom got some advice?

Asked by pleiades (6617points) May 18th, 2014
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A girlfriend of mines has this problem. Obviously the natural solution would be go to a car shop etc etc but I want her to go into that place with some conviction in her heart so they don’t try to fix something they don’t need to…

What I’m asking is how likely is it that the problem is just the window is misplaced and stuck, or if it truly is the regulator, or is the power button might not be corrected correctly.

I know I know, it’s looking like a mechanic will be the only one to tell.

How much do these kinds of jobs cost? We are in California.

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Sometimes the switch has loose connections and can be fixed at that point. Sometimes electric motors die and need replaced.

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The motor in my drivers side window of my Honda Accord died and it cost me 300.00.
Whatever they tell you is the problem, you could call around for prices.

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If you are really lucky, it’s simply a blown fuse. A replacement is less than $10.

Edmunds – How To Inspect and Replace Automotive Fuses

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Lube the window tracks with WD-40. Remove any interior access panel and lube the mechanism. Check the fuse. Hit the switch and beat on the hatch with your fist to see if the window will go up. The trip to a shop/mechanic would be next.

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Are you willing to try an experiment? It has a small chance of working but costs almost nothing
I live in a cold climate. Windows may not be opened for months and then need to be opend to pay a toll. they go down and do not go up.

Sometimes you can free them by using a ruler and a piece of packing tape and sticking it to the window glass on one side leaving a tab about 4 inches long sticking above the glass. Then attach another piece of tape on the other side of the glass to match the tab.

Now pull up on the tab you just made while pushing the “Up” button. Sometimes the motor will start to work again. If it does, close the window and get a can of WD-40 and, using the nozzle, spray it all around inside the door. Wait at least 30 minutes. What? I said “Wait at least 30 minutes!” Why? Because you do not want all the volatile hydrocarbons filling the freshly sprayed door panel to ignite from a spark. That would be ugly.

Wait 30 minutes. Go to lunch. After you finish lunch, lower the window. Then use the pull tab to help raise the window. Then up-down-up-down-up a few times and the window will work without you using the tab. Leave it on for a couple of days as insurance.

Let us know how it worked.

What is the take-away message here? WAIT 30 MINUTES AFTER SPRAYING !

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