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Mods, can you mod your own questions?

Asked by Mimishu1995 (23626points) July 11th, 2014
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I already know that mods can’t mod the questions they are active in.

But can mods mod the questions they ask? Assuming that they only ask then sit back and don’t craft any answers.

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Augustan had that power… I don’t know if it transferred to the mods.

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We all have the technical ability to moderate any post or comment on the site, and always have, but we honor the ethical directive not to moderate in a post that we are invested in – whether we’re the OP, or just a participant, or even if we’re not involved in the thread, but have strong feelings about the topic.

We do make an exception when there’s a blatant offense, like spam or an obvious attack, and no one else is around to handle it; but mostly we just flag it the way you do, and make a note about being in the thread or having a conflict of interest, and ask another mod to look it over.

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I would hope us mods have enough common sense not to ask a question that would require modding in the first place :P

Though…. now that I said that… I’m going to drunk fluther, or just be generally retarded, ask something ridiculous and have @hearkat mod me lol

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@El_Cadejo – Dude, you’re forgetting that I’m old. It’s already past my bedtime! Behave you will, young padawan.

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You don’t agree with me? Flame Bait! and thus follows the mod.


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@GloPro I have never agreed with you ~

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Are you asking if there are checks and balances in a dictatorship?
Ha ha.
You just have to trust in the wisdom of the supreme leader.

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There is no dictator here, though, @ragingloli – there’s a Team of individuals with agreed-upon policies and procedures we follow, so we do check and balance one another.

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